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Telltale Games has a full slate of projects under their wing, working on stuff like The Walking Dead, Tales from the Borderlands, and Game of Thrones. Well, now some leaks have potentially revealed what new Marvel project Telltale could be working on.

Comic Book Movie came upon the news due to the SAG-AFTRA strike where the voice actor members who have gone on strike against certain companies. There's a list that SAG released of some of the talent agencies and publishers that SAG is striking against and on the list one of the talent agencies is O'Farrell Enterprises, which represents Telltale Games. Telltale has apparently been working on two titles since February 2015 and one of them is Guardians of the Galaxy:The Video Game. It's codenamed "Blue Harvest".

Guardians of the Galaxy

Back in April of this year Telltale announced on their official website that they had teamed up with Marvel Entertainment and that they would be working on a new game set for release in 2017. So this seems to fit in line with their own announcement.

Of course, with Guardians of the Galaxy one would have to question if they'll center more on the comic books or the movie? The movie was pretty popular but the comic book is where the hardcore fans will be.

Telltale has a penchant for drawing a line down the middle between properties, similar to the way they handled The Walking Dead and Batman: The Telltale Series. In the Walking Dead's case it draws inspiration from the comic book but also had some references to the AMC TV show, all while doing its own thing. In the case of Batman, they've picked and plucked things from different iterations and incarnations from things like the movies, comic books and games, borrowing a little bit of the suit design from Rocksteady's Batman: Arkham Asylum while centering the story around the Year One arc.

So in the case of Guardians of the Galaxy fans are hoping they take pieces from certain stories while also featuring nods to the movie. The more common question is whether or not they'll take any pieces from the upcoming new movie or if they'll go in a completely different direction?

One of the weird things would be is if it takes place after the events of the movie because in that case it kind of spoils what's going to happen. If it takes place before the events of the new movie then we would sort of already know who is safe and who isn't.

Following the success of a game based on Batman, it will be interesting to see how tackling a Marvel property like Guardians of the Galaxy could be handled differently. The only other game mentioned on the list is the already incoming The Walking Dead: Season 3 , which may mean other high demand titles, like The Wolf Among Us, may not be getting additional seasons anytime soon.

Telltale has been hit or miss lately and it depends a lot on how they approach the story, what they plan on doing with the characters and what sort of villain they introduce into the role.

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