League of Angels 2's Expansion Has Launched

League of Angels 2
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The newest expansion pack for League of Angels 2 from game maker GTArcade has arrived for its more than 30 million users. The game spans localization for 45 different countries and continues to grow and expand across the Facebook community.

According to 2P, they recently reported that the first major expansion for the MMO sequel has become available for its massive player base. The first major expansion is called Angel of Desire!

The expansion comes with a new cross-server game mode called Eternal War. The mode is a multi-faction showdown where players will join one of three factions in the League of Angels sequel, including the Fire, Water and Wind factions. The idea is to build up territory by taking over regions on the battlefield as well as capturing resources so you can build siege weapons to utilize against rival factions.

The cross-server battleground mode isn't the only new thing in the free-to-play MMORPG. There's also the new Black Friday deals that they're offering along with special events so gamers can get cash shop items for cheap along with extra potions and items to help out during battle.

The original League of Angels came out two years ago, and it was quite prominently featured on many gaming and media websites with the tantalizing ads of scantily clad female angels across banners and on sidebars. Well, after the success of the original, GTArcade managed to focus on expanding the game with a sequel.

The free-to-play MMO is actually a 3D turn-based game where players run around and pick up quests and then take their party into battle. A lot of people in the core gaming community have criticized League of Angels 2 because they say it took a lot of assets from other games.

The fighting system is typical of most other JRPGs, where a team of five face-off against other monsters on the battlefield, not unlike the older Final Fantasy games. The combat actually doesn't look that bad, and the backgrounds are fairly detailed with hand-painted designs.

The game doesn't actually have a real travel system, though. You do most of your questing and mission gathering from a hub, and then there's a lot of item and character micromanagement that takes place during the transition between quests.

The game reminds me a little bit of NeoWiz's War of Angels from many years ago. It utilized similar gameplay concepts and themes. There was also IGG's Angels Online, which was a free-to-play MMORPG from way back in the day when South Korea was pumping out all sorts of MMOs left and right and flooded the market with tons of games. Things have definitely changed since then, but now there are more Chinese MMOs making their way through Facebook.

With the popularity of League of Angels 2, it's pretty obvious that gamers definitely still desire the free-to-play MMO every once in a while, even if it does have a static gameplay setup and the turn-based combat isn't the most innovative. You can learn more about League of Angels 2 by visiting the official GTArcade Facebook page.

Will Usher

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