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With Black Friday fast approaching a lot of people absolutely ecstatic about trying to get their hands on some of the best bundles and deals available, there's one pre-Black Friday sale for the Xbox One currently going on that will likely have gamers jumping for joy.

Via Gamespot we learned, there's a $299.99 bundle deal being offered up from Walmart, posted to Slickdeals, that sees gamers being able to get their hands on an Xbox One S with a 1TB hard drive and an extra controller, along with a free copy of Battlefield 1 or a copy of Gears of War 4. For $5 extra you can have the controller replaced with an Armed Special Forces edition.

Xbox One Special Edition Armed Forces Controller

Just for references, the wireless Xbox One Special Edition Armed Forces controller regularly goes for $64, so being able to have the second free controller in the bundle replaced for only $5 with the military-themed livery is a huge discount from what it usually costs. You're basically getting $59 knocked off from the special edition Xbox One wireless controller.

As for the bundle itself... usually the Xbox One S 1TB unit goes for anywhere between $299 and $349. The $299 price point is currently making its way around a lot of retailers, including but not limited to Best Buy, GameStop, Kohl's, Sam's Club and more. However, they don't come with the free controller like the Walmart deal.

The other retailers do offer the free game bundle, however, giving gamers the option to either pick up Battlefield 1 or Gears of War 4.

Some of the other deals include an Xbox One S with a Halo collection bundle for $299, and there's also another sports bundle featuring FIFA 17.

A lot of outlets are gearing up for the absolute madhouse of a week when it comes to Black Friday deals. The discounts are only expected to get steeper and cheaper as we near November 25th. Last week Microsoft started their Black Friday deals an entire week early on November 18th. Anyone who is signed up with Xbox Live Gold could find themselves having access to a vault of discounts on the Xbox Live Marketplace, including games that were slashed in prices from anywhere between 15% off all the way up to 100% off.

Sony also plans on running specialized Black Friday deals, but you'll have to wait until November 22nd to find out what sort of discounts they have planned for the PlayStation Store.

It's been pretty obvious as of late that Microsoft has been taking the console war a lot more serious than Sony. After the PlayStation brand helped pull the electronics giant out of the red, they've essentially become lazy with how they've been waging the war. Nintendo and Microsoft have really stepped up their game (even though Nintendo hasn't done jack spit when it comes to discounting the Wii U, but have compensated elsewhere with the reveal of the Nintendo Switch and strong support for the 3DS), and this holiday season Microsoft is hoping to take home a win in the U.S., when it comes to the NPD charts.

A good variety of discounted bundle deals should really help put Microsoft back on the map and help get the company back into the good graces of gamers.

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