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The LEGO Group, Warner Bros., and TT Games' LEGO Worlds is currently going through the Early Access phase on Steam and is expected to launch in early 2017, but when it graduates Early Access it's expected to release on more than just PC.

The trailer above was published recently on the WB Games YouTube channel, where they announced that LEGO Worlds will exit from Steam Early Access on February 24th, 2017, keeping in line with their early 2017 launch target. The real news, however, is that the game's February launch will consist of landing on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in addition to being made available on PC.

The trailer is only a minute long, introducing gamers to a "new kind of LEGO game". They proclaim that anything is possible and showcase a series of possibilities within the game as players can build and construct whatever it is they want within the world and they can also destroy and rebuild whatever they want within the world.

Just like the actual LEGO sets, we see that LEGO Worlds allows players to fly, craft, race, drive and drift through all sorts of environments and scenarios. We get to see how players can craft their own racing machines and go at it on makeshift tracks, or battle dragons from the less-than-safe harbor of a castle tower.

Much like Minecraft, the imagination is the only limitation to having fun in a game like LEGO Worlds. In fact, it's bizarre that it's taken LEGO this long to get up and get out a game like this since it seems like the very first Minecraft clone should have been a LEGO game.

Anyway, the trailer reveals that the console version of the game will have the same features as the PC version, including both online multiplayer and split-screen multiplayer. Also, huge props to TT Games for keeping split-screen in play on PC. I'm glad larger studios are taking hints from indie studios who have been knocking it way out of the ballpark when it comes to split-screen gaming on PC.

In the case of this new LEGO title, gamers will be able to team up and build their own structures and go on daring adventures, just like in Minecraft. The game features a full day and night system, full character customization, terrain deformation, set pieces taken from real life LEGO packs, as well as aerial, ground and underwater vehicles to use for exploration and combat.

I'm a little curious how well the game will be optimized for PS4 and Xbox One. While the new consoles may rock 8GB of shared memory, they're still dealing with only a handful of actual usable memory after the system resources take their share. As we all know, emergent creation tools will wreck havoc on memory management, and Majong games was able to get around this issue in Minecraft due to the game having extremely lo-fi graphics.

Well, we'll see how well the home consoles handle LEGO Worlds when it launches early next year in February.

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