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Pokemon Go Is Still Coming To Another Mobile Device

Pokemon Go
(Image credit: Niantic Labs)

Conflicting reports sent fans of Pokemon Go into a panic over whether or not the mobile app would be coming to a much requested smart device. After an initial report launched saying that it wouldn't, another ray of hope was provided when claims were made that Pokemon Go was coming to another mobile device.

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According to an article from IGN, they're reporting that Niantic Labs themselves have confirmed that Pokemon Go is coming soon to the Apple Watch. The news was posted up on the official Pokemon Go Twitter account.

This news follows up on a report that was initially made by another website that claimed that Pokemon Go was canceled for the Apple Watch. News quickly spread that the watch version of the game wouldn't be launching on Apple's device, many suspecting that it had to do with Nintendo selling the Pokemon Go Plus wrist accessory, which allows people to spot and capture Pokemon using it as a tracker of sorts.

The rumors was that Nintendo would lose potential market valuation on Pokemon Go's wrist accessory if they launched the app on the Apple Watch. Apparently, Apple Watch would perform the same task as the Pokemon Go Plus, and therefore the latter device would be rendered useless since gamers could just track and capture Pokemon without having to make use of the Pokemon Go Plus.

However, Niantic Labs tweeting through the Twitter account that Pokemon Go was still on target to land on the Apple Watch seems to poke holes in the theory that they had no plans on putting the app on the device.

According to IGN, the developers had originally mentioned back in September that they would port the game to the smart watch, but nothing really came out of that announcement over the last several months. Niantic took a vow of silence regarding any news about Pokemon Go and the Apple Watch release... until now.

The news about the app coming "soon" to Apple's device ties in with the recent release of Super Mario Run on Apple's smart devices. Nintendo launched the exclusive app on iPhones, iPads and iPods as a way to reach a broader market. Perhaps it was after seeing the strong revenue from the app that Nintendo nudged Niantic to return to putting some focus on getting the game up and out for the Apple Watch.

Pokemon Go has been a blockbuster hit ever since it released earlier this year during the summer. The game managed to make more than $500 million in record time for a new app on mobile devices, and Niantic recently made it known that the second generation of Pokemon have started to trickle out for the app, and data miners have indicated that the second generation pocket monsters number around 100. So if they manage to put the game on the Apple Watch while introducing even more Pokemon, they could see an even bigger surge.

Of course, this all depends on how "soon" the game will actually come to the Apple Watch.

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