Nintendo has managed to hit it big with the release of Pokemon Go, a mobile phenomenon that is taking the smartphone market by storm. Well, they have another accessory on the way called the Pokemon Go Plus, and it could help change the landscape of the way you play the game. We'll cover the Pokemon Go Plus accessory and tell you everything you need to know about it.

Pokemon Go has released already over in New Zealand, Australia and the United States. It's scheduled to launch soon in other regions as well, including Japan, Canada and certain parts of Europe. The app allows users to go around to real-world locations and capture Pokemon, after users create their Pokemon trainer. Different locations contain different types of the pocket monsters, and various hotspots work as PokeStops or gyms where players can unlock new abilities or restock on supplies. So how does Pokemon Go Plus tie into this, and what does it do? Well, I'm glad you asked because we have a few answers.

What Is The Pokemon Go Plus?

Nintendo announced the new accessory last year, in the summer. It's a wrist-sized device that straps onto your lower arm like a watch. It's a companion accessory for the main Pokemon Go mobile application, meant to make it easy to find, spot and capture Pokemon without even opening up your phone. It's also designed to be used by young kids and older people alike, with no room for discrimination. You simply strap the device on, and you're good to go, or you can clip it to your clothes or bag. You don't have to worry about any complex means of putting it on or fastening it up, it works just like putting on a watch.

The Pokemon Go Plus is designed and manufactured by Nintendo to look like a Poke Ball, the typical devices used by Pokemon trainers to capture the little critters. It has a white and red color scheme and a simple button in the center that performs all of its major actions. It doesn't have any screens or active touch functionality on any other part of its design. Nintendo wanted to keep it simple while also keeping it highly functional, as detailed over on IGN. It also has a multi-colored wrist strap to keep it securely in place when worn. Alternatively it's possible to detach it from the strap and simply carry it around in your pocket as a simple push device when you're out and about on town... or maybe if you don't want everyone to know that you're an avid Pokemon Go player.

What features Does It Have?

The most important thing about the Pokemon Go Plus accessory is its functionality and features. So, while we know that the companion accessory works in conjunction with Pokemon Go, I'm sure a lot of people are curious as to what it actually does. Well, if you have a smartphone and a free copy of Pokemon Go, you can pair up your Pokemon Go Plus accessory via a low-energy Bluetooth with your smartphone and the game itself. Once paired up, the Go Plus device is ready to be used.

As detailed over on the Pokemon Go website, Nintendo breaks down what you can use the device for, including being able to spot Pokemon when you don't have your phone out. When a catchable Pokemon is nearby the Go Plus will flash a specific color and send a vibration through the device, so even if you have it in your pocket you will feel it vibrating. You can press the center button to throw a Poke Ball to attempt to capture nearby Pokemon automatically, assuming you have already captured that Pokemon before. The Pokemon Go Plus will also flash and vibrate when you pass by a PokeStop, allowing you to stop and quickly use the phone to swipe or tap new items into your inventory, if any are available, including Berries, Eggs and Poke Balls. You'll also be able to search for items at PokeStops by pressing the button if you're nearby, making it convenient to search for new items or capture Pokemon without whipping out your phone.

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