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When a game reaches critical mass, it's likely going to be on the receiving end of a ton of cool fan projects, such as recreating some of the in-game items for cosplay. That's exactly what happened with Blizzard Entertainment's Overwatch, where someone recreated a popular pair of weapons in real life... using LEGO.

The video was posted up over on the ZaziNombies YouTube channel, where he walks gamers through the process of creating the twin Hellfire Shotguns that Reaper uses in Overwatch.

He explains that each of the shotguns were built using 550 Lego pieces each. Chrome chains were used to ornate the lavishly designed shotguns, while lots of matte black LEGO pieces adorn the barrels to give off that smooth, black titanium look.

He even went the extra mile and built LEGO shotgun shells with gold plated caps. The funny part about it is that the top of the gold cap actually has an Inca insignia on it based on the Johnny Quest cartoon from back in the 1990s. It looks really cool and he even made them slightly usable by putting dart launchers on the bottom so you can shoot with them... but he mentions they're good only for taking down Lego mini-figures or plastic cups.

It's explained that in order to achieve the chrome-plated look that the guns have in Overwatch he used normal LEGO pieces and then dipped them in chrome to give them that shiny reflective gloss that makes the LEGO weapons stand out.

According to ZaziNombies, both weapons measure up to be two-feet in length and weigh approximately two pounds each. Interestingly enough, the weapons definitely look like they weigh a heck of a lot more than two pounds, given how weighty they appear in the video and the way the barrels dip down while he's wielding them. Heck, to be two pounds he seemed to lug them around with more heft than the way Reaper does in Overwatch.

However, the heft part actually plays into the actual design of how he had to structure the internal integrity of the weapons. I'm not sure what the physical logistics are for their design in Overwatch, but ZaziNombies had to use the Lego Technic beams in order to structure the weapons so that the barrels didn't break apart at the ends when held by the stock handle. The Technic beams stretched from the trigger to the barrel nose and the pieces on the side were attached to give it that extra girth.

It's definitely one of those projects that seemed to be a labor of love. ZaziNombies did a fantastic job with the weapons and at first glance you probably wouldn't even expect them to be made out of Lego pieces.

A bunch of commenters want him to make more Overwatch weapons, including Torbjorn's arsenal and Zarya's weapons. There were even a few suggestions to make Genji's sword. It's an impressive feat no matter which way you look at it, and most Overwatch fans seem to appreciate it.

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