Here's What We Know About The Overwatch Halloween Update


The Overwatch community have been keen on combing through every inch of the game's lore and files and updates to find anything possible about new content. Well, Blizzard released a new Halloween event update after some gamers managed to scrounge through and uncover some of the details.

Over on the Over Pwn website, they detailed what the new Halloween Overwatch patch includes, rolling out images and bullet points on the new content. The event is called Halloween Terror and it runs from October 11th, today, up until November 1st at the start of next month.

Part of the event features the new brawl with an overhauled Junkrat who takes on the evil guise of Dr. Junkenstein, with players battling against the Doc while he attempts to get revenge.

The update sports 12 new skins themed around Halloween that can be unlocked through loot boxes. The Overwatch skins include a witch outfit for Mercy, some zombie themed skin for and Pharah, a Thriller skin for Soldier 76 based on the popular Michael Jackson music video, a jack-o-lantern skin for Reaper (but let's face it, Reaper's standard getup already looks like he's ready for Halloween!), a sexy evil outfit for Symmetra, a wickedly awesome specter skin for Reinhardt, a ghost face for Ana, and the Dr. Junkenstein alt for Junkrat, just to name a few.

Some of the skins are kind of lame, some of them are really creative and very cool. Reinhardt's probably looks the best alongside Junkrat, just because in the latter's case he almost looks like a completely new character.

In addition to the outfits, there's a new Hollywood map update and a new RIP victory pose for the characters that can be unlocked through the loot boxes.

Fans have already been gorging on the new content, with Overwatch quickly trending on social media once the Halloween update went live.

Originally the Halloween event was discovered alongside the Sombra leak, with some Russian Overwatch fans managing to discover what Blizzard had planned for the rest of the month of October for their hero-based shooter.

The Sombra leaks are still unconfirmed and we'll likely have to wait a lot longer to get any official news about the character, but it definitely means we're one step closer to seeing her on the roster now that the Halloween event has been confirmed. In fact, if you haven't seen all the new character skins, modes and features present in the update that reflects the mood of the scariest month of the year, YouTube outlet Overwatch Central did a complete breakdown of the content in a video preview.

If you're an avid fan of Overwatch you can check out the Halloween Terror update right now, which includes new intros, victory poses, emotes, and skins.

The only downside to the update is that some diehard fans were hoping for a Van Helsing-style skin for McCree. Hey, there's always next year... right?

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.