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Blizzard Entertainment has been on a roll lately when it comes to pumping out new content for their games. They haven't let the Christmas holiday season force them out of working on new content. As a matter of fact, Heroes of the Storm just had a new hero revealed.

Zul'jin Ability Reveal

Zul'jin is coming to the Nexus - and he's bringing quite the arsenal of heroic abilities. Use reactions to vote for which ability you'd like to learn about first - we'll unlock a new ability every 30 minutes, starting at 9:30am PST! [Trait] Berserker Zul’jin gains 1% Attack Speed per 1% of missing Health. Zul’jin can activate Berserker to increase the damage of his Basic Attacks by 25% at the cost of 2% of his maximum Health per attack. [Q] Grievous Throw Zul’jin throws an axe forward, dealing damage to the first 2 enemies hit and marking them for 8 seconds. Marked enemies take 50% bonus damage from Zul’jin’s next 3 Basic Attacks against them. [W] Twin Cleave Throw 2 axes in a large circular arc, dealing damage and slowing affected enemies by 15% per axe for 2 seconds. [E] Regeneration Zul’jin channels to regenerate 25% of his maximum Health over 4 seconds. Moving or taking damage while channeling will interrupt this effect. [R1] Taz’dingo Zul’jin is Unkillable for the next 4 seconds, and cannot be reduced to less than 1 Health. Taz’dingo! [R2] Guillotine Zul’jin throws a massive guillotine into the sky that crashes down on enemies in the targeted area. The lower Zul’jin’s Health, the more damage it deals.

Posted by Heroes of the Storm on Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The revelation of the new hero came by way of a post over on the official Blizzard Heroes of the Storm Facebook page.

The name of the character is Zul'jin, and the video above goes through his new abilities and skills. They slowly unraveled Zul'jin's abilities, including his Berserker trait that allows him to gain attack speed for each of his attacks for every 1% of health he loses. Essentially, this means that his Berserker trait will allow him to increase his attack speed the more life he loses. He can also activate the Berserker trait at the cost of 2% of his maximum health per attack to increase his basic neutral attacks by 25%.

His three skills attached to 'Q', 'W', and 'E' also offer gamers some good scope on his abilities and how he can be used in the lanes in Heroes of the Storm. Zul'jin's 'Q' move is a Grievous Throw where he throws his axe at an enemy and can mark them for up to eight seconds, where they'll receive 50% more damage during that time.

His 'W' skill is Twin Cleave, where he throws two axes in a circular arc that works as a crowd-control skill, dealing damage and slowing any enemy within the arc by 15% per axe for up to 2 seconds.

His 'E' skill is Regeneration, allowing him to recover 25% of his maximum health over the course of four seconds. This is an extremely useful skill, but it can be interrupted if Zul'jin takes damage or moves. So, this is likely a good skill to use if no healers are nearby and you just finished a big throwdown with an opposing player and you need to recover a bit of health before jumping back into the fray.

And of course, there are the standard R1 and R2 attacks, including Taz'dingo, which makes Zul'jin unkillable for four seconds, and Guillotine, which sees him throwing a huge guillotine into the sky that comes down on enemies within the target area, creating massive AOE damage. This is also one of those special skills in Heroes of the Storm where the lower Zul'jin's life, the more damage the Guillotine does. This is a perfect skill to throw out when you're swamped and you're about to die and you want to take a bunch of opponents with you.

The axe-wielding, dwarf-looking troll is definitely going to be popular amongst gamers looking for a good melee fighter in Heroes of the Storm. If you were hoping for another Overwatch or StarCraft character to appear, you might be disappointed, but Blizzard seems to be diversifying their hero cache in their free-to-play MOBA to try to tap as many different hero types as possible.

You can look for Zul'jin to make an appearance in Heroes of the Storm soon, but you'll have to wait on Blizzard to iron out an official date.

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