Watch Robin Beat Up Batman In New Injustice 2 Gameplay Video

NetherRealm Studios has celebrated the process of sending out beta codes to gamers by releasing a new trailer for Injustice 2. The trailer features Batman and Robin... only this isn't the Robin that we've all come to know and love over the years. This is the very deadly and unrelenting Robin that's at odds with Batman.

The trailer went live recently over on the Injustice Game YouTube channel. The video is just under two minutes long, showcasing Robin's skills on the battlefield.

However, this isn't Dick Grayson... this is Damian Wayne. We're introduced to Damian through a short vignette shared between him and Batman. Bruce attempts to talk Damian out of his killer ways but the young assassin is having none of it, reminding him that he's his only son. Batman briefly reminiscences that Dick was also his son, expressing a hint of resentment over Damian turning out the way he did.

I'm sure some of you who don't follow the comics, cartoons or other games are scratching your heads going "Whoa, when did Batman have a kid? What happened to Grayson? And why is his son a killer?"

Well, Injustice 2 takes themes from the newer series of comics in the New 52 line, which includes Damian Wayne. The young heir to the cape and cowl came about after Bruce was drugged by Talia Al Ghul and they ended up having a kid together. Batman was unaware of Damian since Talia raised him amongst the League of Assassins under Ra's Al Ghul. As an assassin, Damian learned to kill and fight without relent. Obviously, when Damian made his way to Batman in Gotham, he took his killer ways with him and this created a less than dynamic duo out of the two of them.

In the Injustice 2 trailer above, we see how Batman's no-kill rule is at odds with Damian's killer upbringing. Nevertheless, Damian is still rocking the Robin gear under the tutelage of his old man, so he has some classic Robin moves, such as the Batarangs, smoke bombs and grappling hook. He also has a unique weapon fighting style, borrowing some of the bo techniques from Tim Drake but combining them with his League of Assassins sword style.

I can genuinely say that Damian in Injustice 2 has an intriguing mix of styles that creates something that's all his own. We get to see him exercise his combos on Batman and a few other characters, highlighting his mix of deceptive gadget use and some light teleportation.

Damian/Robin's super move sees him hacking and slashing away at his opponent with his sword while throwing lots of explosive Batarang bombs at them for an explosive finale. His special isn't as over the top as some other characters on the Injustice 2 roster, but it does look a lot more fitting for his fighting style and coincides with his abilities.

Fans, however, were less concerned with Damian as Robin and more-so concerned with asking NetherRealm for the Red Hood. After his appearance in Rocksteady's Batman: Arkham Knight the character blasted up in popularity amongst gamers, and now they want to see him in Injustice 2. Whether he's added or not is up to NetherRealm and Warner Bros., but at least the very violent and very capable Damian will be filling in the role of Robin this time around.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.