Dead Rising 4 Street Fighter DLC

Capcom may have released Dead Rising 4 during the height of the Christmas season, and just after the Black Friday shuffle, but it wasn't so the game could be buried and forgotten. They actually have some new content planned for the game, such as Street Fighter DLC.

Over on the Capcom Unity site they shared some new information about the new content set to arrive in Dead Rising 4 soon. This includes two new difficulty settings and some outfits based on Capcom's own Street Fighter franchise.

The costumes include a Zangief cosplay for Frank, featuring the burly Russian wrestler's hairy chest and legs, along with a Mohawk, red man-panties and matching red wrestler boots. The Guile outfit almost doesn't even look like a cosplay... it actually just looks like a more "realistic" depiction of what Guile would look like.

The real eye-popping outfit out of the Street Fighter gear comes from one of the original "New Challengers" in Super Street Fighter II, Cammy. The outfit sees Frank West in Cammy's iconic red beret, padded arm guards, military boots and shoulder holster. However, the real shock is that Frank is in a one-piece thong leotard. The image has him striking Cammy's iconic over-the-shoulder pose. The outfits will be available on January 30th.

You'll be able to take these outfits into Willamette and test them out with two brand new difficulties. The difficulties will radically change how the game is played, mostly due to the fact that weapons will break a lot easier in Dead Rising 4, forcing to have to scavenge for supplies and craft a bevy of weapons to help get you through the hordes of zombies.

The new difficulty setting also adds increased damage from the zombies and decreased health replenishment from food and health supplies. This means that you'll have to be a lot more careful when you take damage and plot your path through the hordes of zombies a lot more carefully to avoid being turned into mince meat. The two new difficulties for Dead Rising 4 will also be available at the end of January on the 30th.

But that's not everything Capcom has planned for gamers to experience. The publisher also announced that gamers who want to getting in a little play-time with Dead Rising 4 before they commit to a purchase will be able to do so starting January 31st. There will be a free trial available just like Dead Rising 3. Players will have up to an hour to play through Dead Rising 4 and explore as much of Willamette as possible within the span of the hour long trial.

Both the single and multiplayer components will be available in the trial, giving gamers a thorough opportunity to experience as much of the game as possible. At the end of the trail there will also be an option to purchase the full game and pick up where you left off.

The timed trials are usually pretty frustrating because you're constantly thinking about the timer as opposed to trying to just enjoy the game and really get involved in the content. However, if the timer convinces some gamers to plop $60 down for the game, then I suppose it did its purpose.

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