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Metal Gear Solid

There's actually a Metal Gear Solid movie that will happen. I know we hear about it often over the years, but it's real, and the director wants to bring in one of the best parts of the original game that debuted on the PSX almost 20 years ago.

IGN managed to get in a word with director Jordan Vogt-Roberts from the upcoming Metal Gear Solid film, who talked about wanting to add a fourth-wall breaking element to the movie, similar to what Tim Miller and Ryan Reynolds did with the smash hit, Deadpool.

Vogt-Roberts discussed with IGN the possibilities of which characters they would want to add to the game, and he was really mulling over adding in Gray Fox, one of the coolest characters in the Metal Gear Solid franchise. But more pressing was being able to find a way to incorporate the fourth-wall breaking element that really stood out with the original Metal Gear Solid. He explains...

"I actually do think that considering breaking the fourth wall is an important part of potentially what that movie would be. Finding a way to do that in an interesting way,"

It's not an easy task to accomplish. He explains that he really wants to make sure that the original director of Metal Gear Solid, Hideo Kojima, has his voice shine through in the project. Kojima has definitely given Vogt-Roberts his blessings, and even recommended for people to go see Vogt-Roberts new Kong: Skull Island, which could set the movie director's career on fire and explode in popularity if all goes well. It would definitely help in building momentum and expectations for the movie based on Kojima's tactical espionage series.

The thing is, Vogt-Roberts is both excited and looking forward to the challenge of being able to tackle the seriousness of the Metal Gear series, as well as the more thoughtful and beautiful moments, along with the comedic and bizarre elements... such as the characters breaking the fourth wall.

In fact, the one standout moment in the original PSX title was when players encountered Psycho-Mantis, one of the most iconic video game villains of all time. What made him so iconic? Well, apart from the strange S&M getup combined with a gas mask, Psycho-Mantis could do something that a lot of people didn't expect: he could read your memory card and your controller port. It was an ingenuous design where players would have to switch controller ports during the boss fight, and also have Psycho-Mantis rattle off things on their memory card, such as the other Konami games they had played.

YouTuber Carachmegil has a video snippet of the segment where Psycho-Mantis proceeds to read data from the PSX memory, bringing up classic Konami titles like Suikoden, Azure Dreams and Castlevania.

The moment was absolutely jaw-dropping when it happened all those years ago. A lot of people were floored at that moment because they never saw anything like it in a game before. There hasn't really been a standout moment quite like it since then.

I don't know if Jordan Vogt-Roberts will be able to incorporate something like that into the movie, but it would be pretty cool if he managed to pull it off in a seamless way in the film.