What Has Changed With Conan Exile's Update

Conan Exiles Update
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Funcom hit a jackpot with Conan Exile's. A mix of hardcore combat, nudity, and emergent gameplay was enough to make the game a smash hit success. Well, the open-world survival game was recently updated and they've added a lot of new content to the game.

Over on Gamespot, they detailed some of the big new changes they've made to Conan Exiles with the newest patch notes made available over on the Steam community threads. There's now a new dye system available so gamers can alter the color of their clothes and dye the pigment of their garments.

A new "ruins system" now cleans up old buildings over time to help with world seeding optimization. And they've also fixed a number of exploits and glitches that some gamers were using to their advantage, such as building structures underneath rocks or inside of cliffs by glitching through the geometry. Other exploits like falling through the floor to glitch across the map, or the duplication glitch that people were using on unconscious bodies have also been fixed.

It wasn't just all updates and optimizations for Conan Exiles, though. Funcom also rolled out various new features that affect the gameplay as well, such as eight new usable weapons, including a revamp of the way damage scales with levels, and they've introduced bonus points for every 10 levels achieved by players.

They've also made some minor tweaks to being able to craft the hyena fur if an NPC armorer is nearby. And speaking of NPCs... they're known as thralls and when they're working or crafting within your abode, you can actually see them animated now and performing their tasks as required.

Another new feature for the Early Access version of Conan Exiles is a reward system for those who report bugs and exploits. According to Gamespot, they're calling it "Exploit Hunters" and they have plans on detailing the feature soon enough.

Other additions that Funcom made are mostly in relation to quality of life, such as more localized text, additional server side settings for administrations, and additional optimizations such as more efficient database resource management and backups, and better caching to decrease load times.

Some issues such as players using the equipping item animation to avoid being knocked down was also fixed. They also made some modifications to the guild setup, making where guild members can't kick other guild members of the same rank, only guild members of a lower rank.

GUI improvements were made, along with a few other issues involving gameplay and NPCs.

Overall, it's a lot of the typical stuff you would expect from an update for a game in Early Access.

Funcom launched Conan Exiles as a bit of a wild card in today's climate. The open-world survival genre is currently over-saturated, but they managed to carve out their own little corner in the market thanks to the ability to change the size of physics-based genitalia and offer gamers a violent, true-to-nature Conan experience.

They have plans on releasing the game on the Xbox One, PC and PS4 in its entirety by early 2018.

Will Usher

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