You Can Now Play Bayonetta In 8-Bit, Thanks To April Fool's Day

Bayonetta soars through the air

When gamers said they wanted to see Bayonetta on the PC, we doubt this is what they had in mind. Either way, we can all chalk up 8-bit Bayonetta on Steam as one of the best game-related April Fool's jokes to date.

That's right, Bayonetta has finally made its way to Steam courtesy of the team at Sega, even if it isn't exactly what gamers have been clamoring for. A retro take on the Bayonetta series went live on the PC games marketplace yesterday and, best of all, you can download it yourself for exactly zero dollars.

If you head on over to Steam, you'll find a new page for a game called 8-Bit Bayonetta. The description states that Sega's favorite witch is finally making the leap onto PC in all of her "pixelated glory," adding that "being bad never felt so retro."

Even the game's info page is delightfully tongue in cheek, promising gamers they'll be able to jump, double jump, shoot and score points. There's also Achievement for those of you who like to collect digital prizes, as well as a chip-tune version of the Bayonetta theme song.

Apparently, folks weren't too salty at the little prank, as the game is currently resting at a user review score of 89. This just goes to show that the best April Fool's jokes are the ones that laugh with us, not at us. Had Sega announced Bayonetta on PC and then followed up with, "J/K, April Fool's, yo!" the community's reaction would have likely been, shall we say, bad. The fact that they put in the time and effort to actually make this little game, though, makes everything A-OK in our book. Sure, we'd love to see the Bayonetta series properly brought to PC, but a free game and some April 1st ribbing is fine, too. Here's a look at the game's trailer.

So, obviously, not the deepest game, but it actually looks like a decent way to kill a few minutes here and there. Actually, this seems perfect as a mobile game, so maybe it'll lead to Beyonetta launching on Android one day, too!

A wave shooter, your job is to manage a crowd of monsters coming across the screen on the ground and flying in the air. We're going to give this one a few days and then do a Youtube search for top scores. You just know some folks are going to master this game with a quickness and show off some insane combos and scores online.

Anyway, good on you, Sega. That was a pretty good goof. Now we're interested in hearing if our readers came across any other solid pranks. Give us all the details in the comments below.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.