Here's What's In Breath Of The Wild's First DLC Pack

Link on a hill overlooking Hyrule in Breath of the Wild

The first DLC for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is set to launch this summer, highlighted by some new in-game goodies, as well as an intriguing "Trial of the Sword." Nintendo has released all kinds of details explaining what, exactly, will bring fans back to Hyrule. Assuming you ever left.

Nintendo reiterated in a recent press release that there are two major pieces of DLC planned for Breath of the Wild, launching for both the Wii U and Switch versions of the game. The Master Trials is the name of the first big update set for this summer, with the second, unspecified DLC package planned to launch during the holiday season. Rolled into a bundle, you can grab the Expansion Pass for $19.99.

Rumor has it that the holiday update will include brand new story content but, while nothing has been set in stone there, we at least have all of the details on what this summer's extra content will offer.

First up is the Trial of the Sword, which will take over the in-game location that previously offered the "Cave of Trials Challenge." This sounds like a pretty cool wave-based mode, but with a Breath of the Wild twist. You'll enter the Trial of the Sword sans equipment. Your job is to defeat all of the baddies that get thrown your way, gather whatever gear you can find and move on to the next room of enemies. There will be "around 45" rooms to complete in this mode and the prize for completing them is pretty great. Make it through, and your Master Sword will earn a permanent powered-up state.

Also included in this first DLC will be a Hard Mode for Breath of the Wild. This feature will tweak quite a bit of gameplay. For starters, enemies will be stronger, spot Link more easily and even sport health bars that refill, forcing the player to kill them more quickly. For some added fun, floating platforms will be scattered throughout the world. If you can reach them and defeat the baddies that are hanging out, you'll earn some extra treasure.

Next up is "Hero's Path Mode," a feature that will paint the map with your movement from the past 200 hours of play. The purpose of this option is to help you figure out where certain locations are. So if you know you need to return to a farm you visited three hours ago, you can actually backtrack to that point in time and get an idea of where said farm is. Also helpful, by seeing where you have been, you'll be able to figure out where you have not been, which should make tracking down hidden secrets a bit easier. Also travel related, there will be a "Travel Medallion" introduced into BotW. This item will be placed in a treasure chest and, once discovered, can be used to create a personal teleport point.

Finally, you better believe there's a whole bunch of new masks, outfits, and gear to enjoy. It sounds like this first DLC is going to give BotW even longer legs, which should help keep players busy until that next big update drops this holiday season.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.