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Nier: Automata Gets Cut To Ribbons In New Honest Game Trailer

Nier: Automata continues to wow gamers with its over-the-top action, rad-as-hell story and cheeky sense of humor, so of course folks wanted to see what Honest Game Trailers had to think about the action romp. Well, they've now delivered.

Honest Game Trailers goes straight for the throat or, more specifically, a different part of the body when they bite into Nier: Automata. As their video description points out, this is a "game about giant battles, giant robots and even bigger android butts."

Whether you've played the game or just the demo, or perhaps made the mistake of doing a Google image search at work, then chances are pretty good that you got an eyeful of android-related panty shots. Heck, a bunch of lingerie is being passed off as DLC content at this point so, yes, the game is about as thirsty as they come without having the words "Senran Kagura" in the title.

But even if looking at robot butts isn't your thing, this sequel to the cult hit Nier has a hell of a lot to offer fans of the genre. Coming from Platinum Games, you know you can expect high-flying action, non-stop insanity, and some fantastic set pieces. And since this is a Nier game, you can also expect to play the game a handful of times if you want to get the full experience and unravel the full story.

But as Honest Game Trailers points out, there's a lot more to it than that.

What players weren't necessarily expecting out of Automata was a ridiculously good story. The tale gets more and more engaging the deeper you go and might even evolve into one of those rare narratives that players are still talking about years down the road. Honest Game Trailers does a good job of breaking things down without piling on the spoilers, explaining that Automata is a fun, breezy action RPG that comes to a satisfying conclusion, only to reveal more and more plot points that "casually destroy your ability to love." They go on to add that even the solid ending doesn't make up for "a lifetime of emotional trauma."

And yes, we're still talking about the game with the constant upskirt shots of a blindfolded android. Thanks, Japan! You guys are back on your "A" game!

Another rad aspect of Automata that HGT brings up is the way the game seamlessly shifts between play styles. You'll be hacking and slashing while freely exploring a map at one point, only to be doing some sidescrolling platforming at the next turn, followed by a section of bullet hell shooting. It certainly keeps things fresh.

So what do you think, readers? Did Honest Game Trailers nail another one, pegging Nier: Automata as an action game that has no business being this good? Let us know in the comments below.

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