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Star Wars Game Discounts

If you're a fan of Star Wars or you've never been a fan but you want to find out what all the fuss is about, now would be a perfect time to dive into the fanfare. May the fourth is a sort of unofficial Star Wars holiday and to celebrate every major digital platform has Star Wars games on sale.

Over on Steam they currently have a page dedicated to Star Wars titles, broken down by category and game type. It's an extremely useful list that has the Lego Star Wars games, the pinball games, the classic games, the new games, and the old games alike, all discounted by up to 75% off.

You can buy the entire Star Wars game library on Steam for 78% off, and the bundle includes 24 different games for $60.68. That's actually not that bad a deal for 24 games!

They also have separate bundles for the Star Wars: X-Wing and Star Wars: Tie Fighter games. You can get all of the space sims for 50% off, bringing the bundle price down to $14.99. Alternatively, all of the space sim titles are marked down individually to 60% off.

Fans of the lightsaber duels from the Jedi Knight saga will also probably enjoy the fact that you can get the entire Star Wars: Jedi Knight bundle for 75% off, making it only $4.99. Games like Republic Commando, Shadows of the Empire and the Rebel Assault series are also available for between 33% and 60% off. I used to love Shadows of the Empire on the N64, because it was one of the first games to really bring the battle of Hoth to life in 3D.

A number of the Star Wars: Pinball titles are also discounted from the Pinball FX2 series. Sadly over on the PlayStation Store, a lot of the pinball entries for Star Wars aren't discounted.

However, you can get a lot of classic PlayStation Star Wars titles on discount by up to 65% off, including a mega-bundle for the PS Vita for only $13.99. The Star Wars: Racer Revenge on PS4, along with Star Wars: Bounty Hunter, are both discounted by 50% off for only $4.99.

Various iterations of Star Wars: Battlefront are also discounted, along with the PSP version of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. Funnily enough, Force Unleashed II is actually available right now on Xbox 360 for free for those of you who have Xbox Live Gold. A few other titles in the sci-fi space epic are also marked down for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One on the Xbox Store. Most of the discounts apply to Lego Star Wars and select packs of Star Wars: Battlefront, DICE's 2015 iteration.

The deals on Xbox and PlayStation aren't quite as robust as the PC counterparts. For instance, if you're looking for DRM-free versions of the games listed above, has a rather healthy catalog of games marked down by up to 75% as well. Many of the games are identical to what's on the Steam store, but they also lack a few other notable entries, and there aren't as many bundle deals. Even still, DRM-free sort of makes up for that.

You'll want to work fast because you only have up until May 8th to get your hands on these deals spanning your favorite platforms.

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