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Bandai Namco Delays New Shooter Following Terrorist Attack

Bandai Namco's upcoming game Get Even was due for release this Friday. It's an experimental shooter that deals with time/space manipulation and works on an interesting premise. However, due to the nature of the game and the recent attack in the U.K., Bandai is delaying the game's release.

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The postponement was posted up on Bandai's official Twitter account following the news about the bombing at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England.

Authorities have stated that the attacks are terror related, and the bombing was severe enough to convince Grande to suspend her tour throughout the United Kingdom.

Bandai, meanwhile, decided to get proactive and delay the release of their first-person shooter Get Even from May 26th to next month, on June 23rd.

This gives them one whole extra month to shape (or rehape) the promotional messaging for the game.

To be completely, honest I forgot that Get Even was even launching this week. The game has been highly under-promoted, with very few trailers being released and even fewer bits of promotional info to properly explain what the game is even about.

Get Even popped onto the scene from a small, Polish development studio called The Farm 51 way back in 2014. The game had a mysterious announcement trailer and the promo campaigns for it since then have been quite strange and mysterious.

The game itself is a first-person stealth-shooter of sorts. The concept appears to revolve around a company who has technology that allows people to experience an alternate reality, or shape the fabric of space.

The player character manages to go on missions and carry out tasks for the company using the alternate reality technology. This allows players to do things like see enemies who are in a different timeline or engage in shootouts with groups of armed men even if you can't see them in the regular timeline.

The concept of Get Even seems awfully similar to the 2006 Denzel Washington flick, Deja Vu. It's all very, very similar in terms of concept and style.

However, apparently there some elements within the game that Bandai Namco felt hit a little too close to home in regards to the Manchester bombing, so they've decided to delay the game out of respect for the incident.

Many of the people in the Twitter timeline have given Bandai the thumbs up and acknowledge that what they're doing is a classy move. This means that if you're interested in Get Even you'll have to wait until next month to pick up a digital or physical copy of the science fiction first-person shooter thriller for PS4, Xbox One or PC. Additionally, this will also create some separation due to the fact that the game will now release after this year's E3 event in Los Angeles, California.

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