GTA Online: Gunrunning

Rockstar Games still has a ton of ideas to roll out for GTA Online. One would think that the developers would have exhausted all their creativity on the online portion of GTA V already, but nope. Rockstar actually has a new update in the pipeline that will surely make Mad Max fans happy.

Over on the Rockstar website, it was announced that GTA Online will receive a new update called Gunrunning. This update adds a whole new layer to the online world of Los Santos, as players who are deep into the criminal organization aspect of being a CEO of a criminal enterprise will be able to further expand their operations.

The Gunrunning is pretty cool, because it starts with an underground bunker where players will take on missions to deliver weapons across the Los Santos territories. Different missions will require running different sized armament to different clients. However, you'll have to face off against opposition like rival gangs, cops and the feds.

In order to avoid being ambushed or taken down by law enforcement, players will need to purchase and upgrade select vehicles with mobile artillery. This includes jeeps with trailers attached that have anti-aircraft weapons attached, or APCs that can barrel through any opposition.

In one screenshot, Bethesda reveals one of the coolest parts about this particular GTA Online update, and it's the mobile armored carrier. Your command post can basically be transported across Los Santos as some sort of armored convoy. Inside the carrier you'll be able to have researchers work on new upgrades, equipment and weapons for your gunrunning operations.

Bur in order to keep your mobile operation running smoothly, you'll need to keep it alive and healthy. This means you'll need an armored convoy to protect your assets. Here the game sort of takes on a Mad Max vibe, as players will need to invest in vehicles and upgrades for their vehicles to fend off rival gangs and law enforcement patrols; all while they travel across Los Santos delivering goods and developing new weapon technologies.

In the one screenshot we see the red mobile command center on the move while some raggedy vehicles outfitted with rollcages, armored windows and makeshift armor plating travel alongside the semi-driven command post.

I can already imagine just how hectic and crazy the gunrunning operations could turn out to be in GTA Online. One could easily see the freeway runs turning into something akin to what you would find in Fury Road or The Road Warrior.

The convoy squad can also be manned by other players who are part of your gang, thus giving it a very organic and unpredictable feel. They don't have an exact release date on when the GTA Online: Gunrunning expansion will go live for the online portion of the game, but it's a real shame that this isn't available in the single-player portion of GTA V either. That would have been really fun to play when you don't feel like mixing it up online.

Anyway, the new update will be available across the PS4, Xbox One and PC when it does go live.

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