Mad Max: Fury Road Feature Connects Sequel To The Road Warrior

Between Avengers: Age Of Ultron and Tomorrowland, the month of May seems like a good time for families to going to the movies. But what of the adults looking for something a little... stronger? Never fear, Mad Max: Fury Road is here to make it all better – and the new video below is invoking a certain entry in the franchise's history to get you on board.

Warner Bros Pictures released this video onto their YouTube channel, and a particular line of dialogue made our ears perk up a little bit. Something about a burnt out cop turning into a road warrior of some sort. Now while this sounds like a badass line of introspective dialogue, as well as a really cool reference to the franchise's past, it also sounds like there's one particular sequel that Warner Bros wants the fans to keep in mind while watching the continuing adventures of "Mad" Max Rockatansky.

Whether you dig Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome or not, it doesn't seem to matter as there hasn't been any official cold shoulder towards the series' more outlandish, PG-13 rated exploit. As you can see in any of the trailers for Mad Max: Fury Road, it's a perfect child of The Road Warrior's grit and violence and Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome's fashion sensibilities. So you can come for either the explosions and bloodletting or the crazy, post-apocalyptic outfits, but be assured that staying for the other half of the equation won't freeze you out.

Another piece of the Mad Max legacy that seems to be recurring in Mad Max: Fury Road is the fact that the film is shaping up to have a killer soundtrack. With roving rock bands already depicted as playing a concert on the run in the trailers, it looks like the music is going to be very important to the film's image. This is especially true as there's some epic sounding operatic cues mixed in for good measure, all of which hopefully make their way into the film's promising soundtrack from Junkie XL. Because let's face it, if you play the "Requiem: Dies Irae" card in your trailer... you best not try to shuffle it back in the deck.

Mad Max: Fury Road has a lot of history to live up to, and naming The Road Warrior as a direct predecessor – even in passing fashion – is a tall order to live up to. But if George Miller has proven anything in the decade or so it's taken for this film to get off the ground and onto the screen, it's that he's a tenacious man with an insanely entertaining vision that just won't quit. He may have lost his crack at Justice League, and the merits of Happy Feet and its sequel may still be debated by filmgoers worldwide, but you can't argue that Mad Max is Miller's baby – and that baby's ready to do some damage.

Mad Max: Fury Road opens in theaters on May 15th.

Mike Reyes
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