I know there are a ton of games that were absolutely awesome during the 16-bit run of the SNES. There are also more games that people have fond memories of than just the 21 included with Nintendo's upcoming SNES Classic Edition. Well, we decided to put together a list of some of the titles we felt were missing from the line-up.

Now typically lists aren't going to cover every single game that everyone loved during that time, but there were some noteworthy games from that era that were surprisingly absent from the list over on the official site that Nintendo has planned to roll out for the Super Nintendo Classic Edition, which is set to launch on September 29th for $79.99. Here is our list of 16 games missing from the line-up.

16. Super Mario All-Stars

I don't see how Nintendo managed to put together a list of games for the SNES and not include Super Mario All-Stars? Next to Super Mario World, I don't think there was a game (or compilation of games) that was played or as beloved as Super Mario All-Stars. It's a really strange decision that Nintendo decided to leave this one off given that you get a handful of games coupled together in one package, making it quickly raise the overall value of the SNES Classic Edition.

15 - X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse

This was a game that was a bit more in the weeds than the rest. The X-Men video games were quite popular back in the 1990s as the comic book and cartoon were taking over the media landscape. The only problem was that X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse on the SNES always took second fiddle to the X-Men game on the Sega Genesis, even though it was infinitely more polished, more fun and was a lot more true to the characters from the series. Players could take on the role of a handful of different X-Men, battling in side-scrolling platform missions. It was hard but it was also very fun.

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