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Earthworm Jim Now On Virtual Console

The coolest (and possibly only) gun-toting annelid around is making his return to the video game world. The 16-bit platform shooter Earthworm Jim is now available for download on the Virtual Console.

Earthworm Jim, first released for Sega Genesis in 1994, allowed players to control Jim, an ordinary earthworm who crawled into a cybernetic space suit and was turned into a beefy super hero. Over the course of nine levels, he'll face off against a host of fearsome villains like Bob the Goldfish and Major Mucus in an attempt to save Princess What's-Her-Name. Yeah, it gets a little weird.

Grabbing the game off VC will cost you 800 Wii Points, or eight bucks. That's a lot less money than you'd have to pay in fines for launching cows in the real world.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.