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Dark Souls Feels A Lot Less Brutal With The Super Mario Odyssey Theme Song

Gamers who put in any sort of time or effort into Dark Souls know just how hard the game is. There are a lot of ins and outs to learning the patterns and making sure you have the right items equipped in order to survive. Well, one thing that will make the game feel a lot less brutal is when you have the Super Mario Odyssey theme song playing in the background.

YouTuber JellyElite put together a quick video montage that starts with Mario throwing Cappy onto the player-created protagonist in Dark Souls. The character has a badly trimmed mustache and looks even more ridiculous once Cappy lands on his head.

The video doesn't just feature the Super Mario Odyssey theme song, it shows the various dark and Gothic locations sprawled throughout the Dark Souls universe and then shows the protagonist with the modded cap on his head, running through the various stages. But that's not the best part!

The best part is that the near three minute video has been edited so that every time the player jumps it makes the jumping sound from Super Mario. And to further add to that, the character jumps extra high, so it's possible to leap right over the bad guys and keep on going.

The theme song is accompanied by a really neat compilation of ridiculous and hilarious scenarios featuring the protagonist having fun by the fire, fist-bumping ghosts, hanging out with some undead revenants, and facing off against bosses by clearly and cleanly jumping over all of their attacks with ease.

The video just keeps getting better and better. Despite its short runtime, we see the fake Souls Bro., defeat bosses by jumping on their heads, we see him dodging fire on a crumbling platform, and -- in one of the best shots in the video -- we see him punching an enemy on a ladder while collecting a 1up. The way the video is put together is just pure brilliance.

There's even a small segment where someone attempts to invade the game while he's putting together the video, but once the player sees that they're dealing with a Souls Bro., they just "nope" right on out.

The collection of sound effects from the Nintendo Switch exclusive fused with all the crazy moments from Dark Souls 3 is extremely entertaining.

The comment section is filled with a lot of praise and plenty of burns against game reviewers for comparing everything to Dark Souls. It comes from a recent flood of reviews that compared the remake of the original Crash Bandicoot trilogy to From Software's Dark Souls trilogy, due to the difficulty in the Crash Bandicoot games. A lot of old-school gamers pointed out that Crash was around well before Demon Souls was even a concept.

Nevertheless, the video has become quite popular on YouTube and JellyElite says he had a ton of fun recreating the Super Mario Odyssey trailer using a modded version of Dark Souls 3.

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