Rainbow Six Siege Is Adding A Bunch Of Changes, Here's What To Expect

Rainbow Six Siege Update
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Ubisoft is continuing to pamper the Rainbow Six: Siege audience with new content and updates, including a super major update planned for release at the end of the month for PC, PS4 and Xbox One users called Operation Blood Orchid, which includes all new operators, new gameplay fixes, and a brand new map.

The news comes courtesy of an announcement from over on the Ubisoft Blog, where the company announced that on August 29th a brand new map will drop along with three new operators, new customization items, and a few other special goodies.

The new map is set in Hong Kong, but we don't really get to see what the map will look like or any details on how the map will function.

Three months ago we did learn about the three new operators who were part of this latest update. We learned that there were going to be two Hong Kong operatives and a Polish operative. Ubisoft will demonstrate these three operatives and the new map on August 26th as part of the finals for the Rainbow Six: Siege Pro League championship finals, which is set to take place during the week of GamesCom.

If you're interested in watching the finals, you'll be able to do so on August 26th on the Twitch.tv channel for Rainbow Six: Siege. The finals will see the top teams competing from around the world for a $237,500 prize pool and an opportunity to walk away as the champions of the second season of the game.

Now this update is a little bit different from the other updates because Ubisoft actually delayed the initial seasonal update that was originally planned for release a few months ago in place of a "health" update. The servers were getting a little filthy in Rainbow Six: Siege and the game was in dire need of what the developers considered to be a "health" update.

Ubisoft spent time and energy on fixing server bugs, squashing some longstanding glitches, and repairing some other hiccups in the game that had impaired playability and performance.

The delay of the release of the two operators in place of a couple of months of maintenance meant that the season was delayed, and therefore three operators will be released instead of the typical two.

The three operators will be available for all of those who have purchased the Rainbow Six: Siege season pass. For everyone else, you'll have to purchase the three operatives separately. As for the map... the Hong Kong map will be free for everyone. This is part of the reason of how Ubisoft has been able to keep players engaged and coming back to the game.

Ubisoft has also extended this kind of content-release model to other games such as For Honor, which also utilizes a similar DLC setup. Expect it to also make an appearance in Skull and Bones as well, since the DLC roadmap has worked out so well for Rainbow Six. You can look for the new content to arrive for home consoles and PC at the end of the month.

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