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Ubisoft Has A Lot Planned For The Future Of For Honor

A knight battles samurai in For Honor

For Honor might not be amassing the army of players Ubisoft Montreal was hoping for, but at least the developer is taking the time to support their existing ranks with plenty of updates. They've got several planned in the coming months, in fact, including new game features and the most requested change of all, dedicated servers.

Ubisoft Montreal sent out a press release this week highlighting a number of updates coming to For Honor, expected to arrive through the rest of 2017 and on in to early 2018. In the game, players join the side of either the samurai, Vikings or knights in an effort to win glory for their chosen faction. The combat is more strategic than many brawlers, forcing players to rely on strategy, positioning and openings in their opponent's defense. Most of the news following the launch of For Honor has been about how the user base dropped off pretty sharply not too far after launch. Still, there's a dedicated group that keeps returning to the game, and Ubisoft is giving them more reasons than ever to return to the game with a series of upcoming updates.

The biggest of the batch is dedicated servers, which folks have been clamoring for. The press release states that Ubisoft Montreal is working on a dedicated server infrastructure, as well as enhancing the peer-to-peer stability and matchmaking.

Also ahead in the coming months is a pair of new seasons; one kicking off in August and the next in November. Along with mechanical updates, these seasons will include new content for each faction, including new heroes, maps, gear and the like. If you own the For Honor season pass, you'll even get a crack at those new hero types a bit earlier than everyone else.

The next improvement is coming to competitive play, with the introduction of a duel tournament feature and ranked 4v4 matches. There will also be a new game mode for folks who enjoy a more focused 4v4 showdown.

Obviously, a game that's all about online competition requires constant balancing, and Ubisoft said that For Honor is no different. From tweaking heroes to adjusting systems, the team plans to keep polishing the gameplay to keep things nice and fair.

Finally, if you're considering jumping into For Honor at this point, you'll likely appreciate the new training mode that's being implemented. The developer says it will be a more robust rundown of how the game works, which should be beneficial to players both new and returning.

That's a lot of new content and tweaks being plugged into For Honor but, like we said, it'll be rolled out over the coming months; so don't expect any grand, sweeping changes to occur all at once. And for those of you still hacking and slashing, feel free to let us know what you think about For Honor in the comments below. Is now a good time for newcomers to answer the call to war?

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.