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Movie-based tie-in games are still a thing, all these years later. Some of them are good, some of them are bad, and some of them are downright awful. Well, for the upcoming Jurassic World Evolution, instead of just mimicking what the movie was, it will allow you to create your very own man-eating theme park, filled to the brim with a wide variety of dinosaurs.

The announcement trailer took place during Microsoft's GamesCom 2017 press conference this year in Cologne, Germany.

The trailer starts with a small dino hatching out of an egg, who eventually grows in full size to a T-Rex.

The T-Rex bursts through a security fence where the electric barriers have been turned off. The T-Rex, in classic Jurassic Park fashion -- manages to gobble up one of the park workers en route to picking off another dino also attempting to make an escape.

The counter measures for putting security back into place and securing the safety of the park goers gets underway when we see the scenario zoom out in classic RTS fashion, and a command facility is plopped down in the middle of the jungle after clearing out a space for it.

A containment helicopter flies overhead as one of the operatives opens up the side of the aerial craft and preps to use non-lethal measures to subdue the T-Rex.

Slowly but surely the camera pans up as a rearranged version of John Williams' classic Jurassic Park fanfare begins to play, and we get to see the full scope of the park.

The trailer rounds out with a rather ominous view of the Rex standing tall over a flipped over jeep, roaring into the sky while a violent looking storm seems to be inbound.

We then discover that Jurassic World: Evolution is apparently set to launch for the Xbox One, PC, and PS4 next year, during the summer of 2018, presumably ahead of the launch of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

The comment section is filled with people basically saying that this is Microsoft and Frontier Developments' take on Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis, which came out back in 2003 on PC and home consoles.

It didn't quite make as many waves as some of the other Jurassic Park titles on the Sega Genesis or SNES, but it managed to carve out a soft spot in the hearts of hardcore RTS enthusiasts.

Some were a little disappointed that this isn't a new first-person shooter game, but others are just happy that the graphics look good and that it could possibly end up being something worthwhile on the Xbox One and Xbox One X. We'll have to wait a while before we can see some true and through gameplay footage of Jurassic World: Evolution, but at least this helps pad out the Xbox One's thinning library.

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