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After being teased as one of the first season characters to arrive in Injustice 2 back during the summer, NetherRealm has fulfilled its promise of delivering gamers the comic-book version of Hellboy to gamers on the Xbox One and PS4 starting November 14th for those with early access. The red-skinned fighting machine will surely make fans happy ahead of the reboot of the upcoming movie series.

The video was posted up over on the official Injustice YouTube channel, and it starts with Hellboy doing his iconic reloading of the massive revolver called The Samaritan, not to be confused with Epic Games's metallic anti-hero The Samaritan.

The camera pans up and we get our first full look at Hellboy's face. Unfortunately, it's not based on Ron Perlman. Also, he looks more like the animated cartoon version rather than any of his live-action incarnations.

Voice-wise, he doesn't sound like Ron Perlman either, but he does have a voice that matches his look. An almost nonchalant, stoic presence that fits the character's complex themes.

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Speaking of complex themes... Hellboy's getup in Injustice 2 is very similar to his comic book incarnation, featuring a long trench coat with a t-shirt, fingerless gloves, kneepads, and boots. Interestingly enough, they decked this version of the character out in shorts instead of the cargo pants or leather pants that he's worn before.

For the most part the comment section is favorable toward this depiction of Hellboy, even though artistically he doesn't actually gel so great with NetherRealm Studio's more realistic approach to the characters from the DC Universe.

As far as fighting is concerned, we see that he's definitely a slow moving brawler-type character. He can also armor up and tank hits like a boss, making him similar to other slow moving tanks in Injustice 2 such as Bane or Swamp Thing.

One of the issues some people have had with the bigger characters in the game is that they have a hard time counter-zoning or zoning their opponents. NetherRealm addressed this with Hellboy by having him use his Samaritan to fire it from a distance and either create space or disrupt an opponent's attack.

Hellboy's super special is pretty cool and seems more like something out of Mortal Kombat than Injustice. He blasts his opponent through the floor and begins pummeling them while falling down into the depths of hell. Once they reach the bottom he picks up a smoldering hot axe and does a leaping attack to blow them back to reality.

If you already purchased the season pass for Injustice 2 you'll be able to gain access to Hellboy starting November 14th. Otherwise, you'll have to wait a little while for the character to become available as an individual purchase from the digital store.