Mass Effect: Andromeda Is Now Available On EA Access

Looking to expand your galactic horizons? Well, Electronic Arts wants to help by allowing you access to BioWare Montreal's Mass Effect: Andromeda. The game has now joined EA's ever-growing library of titles as part of the EA Access line-up.

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The news was made available through a tweet from the official EA Access Twitter account. The tweet makes it known that anyone who has subscribed to the EA Access service for about $5 a month will now have instant access to Mass Effect: Andromeda as part of the line-up of games month in and month out, so long as you continue to pay the subscription fee.

Not only that, but the EA is offering the deluxe edition of the game for those who decide to play it via EA Access. For those of you who don't know, the game's deluxe edition originally was priced at $69.99, a $10 mark up over the original $60 price tag. What's bizarre is that you can buy the deluxe edition of the game from GameStop for only $29.99 as a physical purchase, or you can pay the original $69.99 price tag for the digital version. Hmm, real tough decision there.

Anyway, the more expensive version of the game contains the base game but with the added Deep Space Explorer Armor that's a uniquely built armor set for the Ryder twins, a special Nomad skin for while you explore the galaxy, a multiplayer booster pack with five 50% XP booster modules, an additional Pathfinder outfit for casual wear, special Scavenger Armor, a Pathfinder weapon set, a pet Pyjak, and the game's digital soundtrack.

So not only has EA decided to put Mass Effect: Andromeda into the EA Access rotation, but the company decided to put one of the more expensive renditions of the game into the rotation.

It's funny reading the comments on the Twitter thread, because despite the sci-fi action-RPG being one of the newer games to join EA Access -- and the fact that it's an AAA title from one of the most established RPG studios -- gamers are still asking about Dead Space 3 being made available as part of EA Access.

Part of the issue that some people had with the game was that it seemed unfinished. The game launched with a ton of bugs and glitches, had plenty of issues with the lighting, the facial animations, and some of the gameplay, causing it to become a popular meme for many gamers.

The review scores weren't terribly kind to the game either, mostly due to the aforementioned issues. Gamers were angered even more when they discovered that the game has a cliffhanger ending and it turns out that EA has no plans on finishing the game off, which rang especially true after BioWare Montreal was basically disbanded and some of the remnants of people were moved over to Motive Studios and back to BioWare Edmonton.

Nevertheless, the game has at least been fixed up to the point where it's a solid enough experience so if you already have an EA Access subscription, you can hop into Mass Effect: Andromeda right now.

Will Usher

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