From Software's Next Game Is A Mystery, But It Looks Bloody

We all know that From Software is working on something new; working on something big; working on something that will blow our minds away. We also know that whatever it is From Software is working on isn't Dark Souls. So what could it be? Well, the next game is a mystery, but it looks bloody.

The trailer made its teasing debut during The Game Awards 2017 in Anaheim, California. The clip From Software teased is only 29 seconds long.

It starts by fading in from black, and then we see what looks like some kind of pulley device drenched in blood. It has a bone as the main support, a finely crafted shaft bolted into an iron base, and a rope wrapped around a crank. The rope, by the way, is drenched in blood.

There appears to be cotton or some kind of cloth at the base of the device. It's impossible to tell exactly what this torture device is, but some have speculated that there are intestines on the spool. At first, it looks like rope, but as the device rotates due to strain caused by something tugging on it off-screen, we can see that the bloody wrappings around the iron spool bolted into the open arm of the device aren't entirely even. However, if you raise the resolution on the video, you can see that it actually does appear to be bloody rope, and it tightens as the string is pulled.

What's interesting here is that the structure of the bone and the rope almost give the impression that it might be a weapon of some sort, possibly an iron-made bow? Then again it could be some completely foreign contraption, maybe even a medieval torture device. It's impossible to tell based on that clip alone.

In the background, we see that there is a parchment, a feathered brush and Japanese writing being written down while some sort of black liquid and wooden clippings are scattered around from the top and the bottom.

The mystery and symbolism have left tons of gamers scrambling into detective mode. The only thing mentioned in the trailer is that "Shadows Die Twice". Some have felt that this was in reference to Tenchu. In fact, this is not a bad guess at all, because From Software did help with the Tenchu games, and one of the titles was called Tenchu: Fatal Shadows. The games were also themed around ninjas and manipulating stealth to carry out the missions. For instance, one of the games was called Tenchu: Shadow Assassins and the other was called Tenchu: Return from Darkness.

It actually isn't so far fetched to believe that the new game is a Tenchu title.

A lot of gamers were hoping that it would be Bloodborne 2, but that seems awfully close to making yet another Dark Souls game, since the original Bloodborne already played so very much like Dark Souls.

For now we'll have to speculate and wait until From Software decides to announce further details about the game because there's zero mention of this game on From Software's Japanese site right now.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.