Ubisoft Replaces Controversial Animation In For Honor

For Honor Execution

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An execution animation in For Honor called "No Touching" has been replaced after initially launching in the game and then being pulled shortly after appearing in the in-game store where gamers could purchase it for 7,000 credits. The execution was considered inappropriate for the 'M' rated game.

Polygon is reporting that the "No Touching" animation in For Honor initially featured the female Valkyrie impaling her opponent with the spear. The force of the thrust left them pouring blood from a gaping hole in their chest and gasping for air. Reeling from the pain, the opponent falls over with their hands-cupped, mistakenly landing on the armored boob-plate of the Valkyrie after she removes the spear from their mid-section. The victim of the strike quickly realizes that in their dying gasps they've mistakenly grasped the chest area of the Valkyrie, resulting in them shaking their head in disbelief and shame while also quickly letting go of the Valkyrie and begging for mercy. However, the Valkyrie proceeds to push them away and kick them so hard in the groin that they spit up their insides. She then hits them hard enough in the face that they're left on the ground in a bloody pulp. It doesn't end there, though. The Valkyrie then has a lightning bolt strike down and blast open the head of her opponent.

The execution is something that wouldn't be out of place in Mortal Kombat X. The comedic yet violent execution, however, was quickly removed from the in-game marketplace. According to Polygon the reason for the removal was that the original "No Touching" execution went up mistakenly due to a daylight saving error, and Ubisoft had to quickly remove it because the system launched the original animation way too early.

However, For Honor gamers managed to see and record the animation before it was pulled. Many thought it was funny.

Others speculated that, due to the comedic effect, Ubisoft would have to resubmit For Honor to the ESRB for reclassification because the comedic gag would require reclassification, even though the game is already rated 'M' for Mature. You can view the original "No Touching" animation below courtesy of Talon Dillard.

Ubisoft denies that the animation was removed due to reclassification purposes at the ESRB. The publisher told Polygon that the animation was inappropriate and insensitive, and that from now on the company would be closely monitoring content to ensure that nothing inappropriate or insensitive is added to 'M'-rated games like For Honor.

The company did bring back the "No Touching" execution, however. This time, however, the enemy character grabs on to the Valkyrie's shield but everything else stays exactly the same. YouTuber Killkarma posted up a compilation video showcasing how the new animation has been adjusted for the game.

Some were angry that the optional execution's comedic effect was removed. Others were glad that Ubisoft changed it so as not to offend anyone, while some stated that For Honor isn't a game about having funny or comedic moments and that it was good that Ubisoft removed any humor from the optional executions.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.