Cuphead Has Hit A Major Milestone

Cuphead Sales
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Studio MDHR's smash hit of 2017 has managed to achieve another milestone after originally selling 1 million copies across PC and Xbox One since launching at the end of September. The new sales milestone means that we could be one step closer to a Cuphead 2.

Gamespot is reporting that the game has sold a total of 2 million copies, going double platinum. That's right, from September to December, Cuphead managed to sell more than 2 million copies. The game originally sold 1 million copies two weeks after initially releasing, and several weeks after that the game managed to hit 2 million.

It's quite an impressive feat, given that the title was made by a really small team of independent developers who had to hand-draw all of the content from scratch. The game originally came onto the scene back in 2014, but it was in development for four years prior to that. The game uses lots of hand-drawn assets based on the 1930s-style of animated cartoons. Despite being a 60fps title, the animations themselves are inline with the 24fps movie standard for most animated flicks, closely resembling some of Disney's classics.

With no one else on the market seems to be working on a game quite like Cuphead, it was bound to sell a crazy amount of units for the Xbox One and PC due to its originality.

The game sees players in control of Cuphead and Mugman on the Inkwell Isle, where they gamble away their lives in a bet with the Devil. The duo are sent on a seemingly impossible quest to collect the contract of souls from various bosses around Inkwell that owe the Devil. Along the way one or two players can defeat the bosses and also unlock new powers by completing the run-and-gun, side-scrolling platforming segments. These are reminiscent to the old Disney games on the Sega Genesis.

Another strong point for the game is the fact that the soundtrack hearkens back to the old-school of ragtime jazz, with a nice swinging style to keep the mood upbeat and the action flowing.

The game received a lot of high remarks for being both challenging and aesthetically engaging. This has actually resulted in the Cuphead selling more than 1 million copies on Steam alone, according to Steam Spy. The other million copies that Studio MDHR was so proud to announce that Cuphead had achieved breaks down between the Xbox One and the versions.

Unfortunately, Microsoft did not reveal exactly how many units of the game were moved on the Xbox One. Nevertheless, we know that the game had to have moved tons of units thanks to the fact that Studio MDHR had confirmed that the game did well over 2 million.

Gamers are now already begging for a sequel to Cuphead just like they were (and still are) begging for a sequel to Sonic Mania. Both 2D, hand-drawn games really managed to hit sales strides this year as proof that sometimes gamers just want fun games to play, and are definitely willing to pay for them.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.