Today, it seems that every game franchise under the sun needs to create a specific time of multiplayer mode, the Battle Royale mode. However, there was a time when simply having multiplayer of some kind was viewed as a necessity. This led to major game franchises, that had previously been single player only affairs, to try and figure out a way of including multiplayer that made sense.

I'm not saying any of these attempts were necessarily bad, in many cases, they were actually pretty good, but they often still felt oddly tacked on to a game that was clearly still designed for a narrative single-player story. Even if it was done well, it was still done to chase a fad. Here are five games that really didn't need multiplayer, but had it anyway.

Mass Effect

Mass Effect had such a deep and involved story to tell that it took three games to tell it. However, along with the final chapter of the trilogy came the addition of a co-op multiplayer mode called Galaxy at War. Bioware tried to incorporate the multiplayer into the main game by including it in your overall "Readiness Rating" for the main campaign. The multiplayer was brought back for Mass Effect: Andromeda, but it was essentially the exact same multiplayer without significant updates. To be fair, multiplayer wasn't the reason Andromeda didn't work. If anything, the mode was a safe haven from the rest of the mess.

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