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Metal Gear Solid 5 Adds Quiet To FOB Misions

Quiet, from Metal Gear Solid V.

First launched back in 2015, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain continues to receive updates, with the latest this week introducing a familiar character to FOB missions: Quiet. If you're looking for an edge while out on missions in the field, you can rest assured that an operative named Quiet will take out baddies with the utmost discretion.

Metal Gear Solid V is almost exactly three years old at this point, but the final Kojima-led game in the series is still bringing players back for more thanks to the game's FOB missions. As you play the game, you'll earn resources to build your own Forward Operating Base, a sea-based facility where you conduct research, set up defenses and stock up on soldiers to patrol your holdings. You go through all of that effort because other players will be able to invade your base in an attempt to recruit your soldiers and steal your valuable resources.

According to Konami's blog, this week's update for MGSV introduces Quiet as a playable character in those missions, complete with interchangeable outfits and heads. The notes mention that she's an expert sniper who can take long shots with minimal hand shake. She also has extremely fast movement and the ability to traverse areas that would require most players to use a ladder. If there are guards about, she can hunker down and after a time, enter a more stealthy mode.

These abilities mirror those displayed by Quiet in the game, which will likely make her a fan favorite for players who want to attack enemy FOB's without being detected. We imagine she's going to be a real pain to defend against, too.

Along with the arrival of Quiet, MGSV is getting a hand full of new weapons and abilities that players will want to develop and use within the game. These include a new Renov-Ickx bis Sniper Rifle, in both lethal and non-lethal varieties. You'll also be able to research and equip a Dark Matter Generator, which blocks light and damages anyone caught in its explosions. A Stun Dark Matter Generator is also available that, you guessed it, stuns enemies rather than kills them. Finally, there's an Energy Wall, which is a protective shield that temporarily prevents incoming bullets and the like from hurting your operative. All of these items are only usable in the FOB missions.

Along with these new items, players will be able to tackle a brand new difficulty mode for Event FOBs, where you'll be able to earn more in-game rewards due to the heightened difficulty. The extra twist is that retaliation to your attacks will not be possible, so you can steal supplies and staff to your heart's content.

Since we're not hearing much these days about Metal Gear Survive, it's nice that Konami is at least continuing to support Metal Gear V. If you're still playing the game, be sure to let us know in the comments how you're enjoying the new content.

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