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What's the best way to get gamers excited for a gaming convention featuring tons of video games? Well, highlight them in a mega-montage detailing exactly what sort of gameplay features they have and what audiences can expect. That's essentially what the PAX West Indie Megabooth promotional trailer is all about, rolling through a huge list of games in a rather lengthy video. So sit down, set your shoes off to the side, kick up your feet and prepare to let your senses indulge in a showcase of some of the top indie games set to release.

The Indie Megabooth montage was posted up over on the Indie Megabooth YouTube channel. It clocks in at just under 20 minutes, and features a ton of games on display. The video attempts to go through all 78 different indie games that will be on display at the Megabooth, which comes from 75 different indie game developers, hailing from 17 different countries from around the world. It's a truly diverse makeup of unique talent showcasing their skills and ideas within the creative spaces setup at PAX. The trailer also showcases where on the show floor these games will be located, so you have an idea of where to go in order to play them.

In the trailer we see a number of interesting games, such as 60 Parsecs, which is a game about surviving in space after a bomb destroys the space station and forces the crew out into a life pod. You only have 60 seconds to gather supplies from the space station before it goes kaput. The trick here is that each playthrough the space station's layout is procedurally generated along with the requirements for survival, so that it gets trickier each time around.

We also see games like Aftercharge on display, which is a first-person shooter in a neon setting. It's a little bit like a MOBA and a little bit like a tower defense game, combining fast-paced combat with strategic stage elements.

One of the most popular games in the works is Astroneer, which is also going to be on display at the Indie Megabooth. This game is like a cross between Kerbal Space Program and No Man's Sky. The game provides a colorful, visually unique game about surviving in space, while also dealing with physics-based environments, construction and multiplayer support.

Black Future '88 is another game to look out for as it's a side-scrolling cyberpunk shooter, a little bit like Hotline Miami meets Contra.

A number of isometric games are on display that combine tower defense gaming with twin-stick chooting, such as Decoherence. Another interesting game is a dystopian 1970's themed point-and-click RPG adventure called Disco Elysium, which features a down and out of his luck detective trying to solve a case in a crummy city.

But that's not all. There are also a variety of sports games on display as well, including Dunk Lords, which should satiate that desire to play an NBA Jam-style game, assuming that NBA Playgrounds didn't quite quench your thirst for an action-sports title.

You'll be able to experience all of these games and more during PAX West taking place at the Washington State Convention Center between August 31st and September 3rd.

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