Original Valkyria Chronicles Will Be Available On Nintendo Switch

Valkyria Chronicles
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A lot of companies have been digging deep into their catalogs in order to provide gamers with some interesting ports for the Nintendo Switch. The hybrid console ended up becoming a huge success for Nintendo in a way that the company simply did not predict. In fact, a lot of people -- even within Nintendo -- didn't think that the Switch was going to sell in the way that it did, yet it managed to become a huge phenomenon. Publishers are now scrambling to support the Switch with as many titles as possible. One of the games set to arrive on the Nintendo Switch from as far back as the mid-part of the seventh generation of gaming is Sega's Valkyria Chronicles, which is going to be playable both in TV mode and in portable mode for the hybrid gaming device.

Game Informer is reporting that Sega's JRPG will be making its way to the Switch starting October 16th this fall. The game will be available on the Nintendo eShop for $19.99. As mentioned in the article, this will be the second Valkyria Chronicles game to be made available on Nintendo's little device. The first game was Valkyria Chronicles 4, which is set to come out for the Switch in September.

So basically Sega is trying to release the older games possibly in hopes of getting gamers to take interest in the series if they feel a little lost with Valkyria Chronicles 4. It does seem kind of odd that the first game will be releasing an entire month after the fourth game. However, it seems like Sega recognizes that a lot of Nintendo Switch owners might be lost when it comes to the stories, characters, and lore, and so they're attempting to bring the first game out after the fourth game so perhaps people interested in how things got started can at least take interest in the title.

The original game came out back in 2008 for the PS3, and later on Sega ported the game to PC during the company's love affair with Steam back in 2014. So the original Valkyria Chronicles managed to get around before making its way to the Switch. PS4 gamers also received a copy back in 2016, so every couple of years the first game gets re-released for newer platforms.

Even still, Valkyria Chronicles was always more of a niche game given that it's an alternative World War II shooter, very similar to (and definitely much more so) than Battlefield V. It takes the conflict and gives it a fantasy vibe so that players play through the conflict with a rag-tag band of resistance fighters who join up to fight against the invasion of an imperial force.

The game is very similar to the likes of XCOM fused with an over-the-shoulder third-person shooter. So you get a hybrid RPG experience that combines traditional Japanese role-playing with the sort of multi-level, squad-based combat that you may have become accustomed to from games like Jagged Alliance _or _Xenonauts.

You can look for the original Valkyria Chronicles to launch a month after Valkyria Chronicles 4 for the Nintendo Switch.

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