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Soul Calibur VI Will Include Raphael And Cervantes

Soul Calibur VI
(Image credit: Bandai Namco)

The fall season is really getting ramped up. With Marvel's Spider-Man and Shadow of the Tomb Raider dropping in September to help get things kicked off, we can look forward to games like Soul Calibur VI during the middle of October. The game is gearing up for the big release but still has a lot of surprises left to uncover. Some gamers aren't content to wait an entire month to get their hands on Bandai Namco's fantasy-history sword and staff game, and have managed to get their hands on new screenshots that verify the appearance of two additional fan-favorites.

ResetEra has a forum thread where some gamers managed to snap screenshots of Soul Calibur VI in action during a public demonstration taking place in Melbourne, Australia.

The screenshots clearly show the fencer Raphael and the pirate Cervantes on the main roster screen. It looks like there could be 24 characters that are playable in total, not including the ability to make your very own custom fighter.

Raphael is decked out in what looks like a Musketeer inspired outfit with a face mask, while Cervantes has on a full pirate garb with glowing symbols on his chest. We also see that Raphael returns with his classic French rapier, while Cervantes dons his iconic twin swords.

The YouTube footage was taken down, but there have been other uploads elsewhere that show the two characters fighting.

The fighting looks really good, especially with how quick Raphael can chain together combos in Soul Calibur VI, very reminiscent of when he was in the previous games. Of course, if you hated how quickly he could keep his opponents off-balanced with his feints and jabs, then you're not going to like him in Soul Calibur VI very much, because he's still very much the same as he was before.

While Raphael gets most of the wins, we do get to see Cervantes pick up a few wins. Interestingly enough, we see Raphael losing a lot of his clothes throughout the fight until he's just down to his trousers and a what appears to be a backless vest.

The fighting is very back and forth, and so far it doesn't look like you can exploit the air-juggles like in Tekken 7, where you can keep players in the air for a good portion of the time and even finish out the match before they can get to their feet.

The game also doesn't support much in the way of zoning, since projectiles are a limited occurrence in Soul Calibur VI, so don't expect to get someone cornered by spamming fireballs like in Street Fighter V.

Now that Raphael and Cervantes have been revealed, gamers are intent on trying to figure out who the last two characters will be. There's a large swathe of possibilities, including brand new characters.

One thing that might be nice is if Bandai Namco just keeps it a secret and lets gamers figure it out for themselves when the final build of Soul Calibur VI launches in the middle of October.

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