Gen 4 Pokemon On The Way To Pokemon Go

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Gamers have continually asked for more and newer Pokemon to be added to Pokemon Go, and it looks like the developers are continually trying to appease the audience by actually adding said Pokemon to the game. It's been confirmed that, following up on the recent announcement about the new Shiny editions of certain Pokemon being added to the game, Gen 4 Pokemon will also make the cut as well.

Instead of being revealed through a YouTuber, via some kind of insider or through a data-miner spilling the beans on a sub-reddit through social media, the news actually comes directly from the official Pokemon website, where it was announced that Generation 4 Pokemon will be making their appearance in Pokemon Go.

Many of the Pokemon from the Sinnoh region will make their debut in the game, which originally debuted in the Nintendo 3DS version back in 2006, when Pokemon Diamond and Pearl both released.

The Gen 4 Pokemon consists of 107 new pocket monsters, but the news post doesn't say if Niantic Labs will be adding in all 107 Pokemon. The Generation 4 population consisted of a lot of new grass and bug types, so it should definitely add some variety to the kind of Pokemon that fill out your bag.

In addition to the new generation of Pokemon being added to the game, Niantic Labs will also be changing up the migration and behavior patterns in connection with the new and improved weather system. This will change the rate at which certain types of Pokemon appear, and the goal is to change the variety of species that appear overall as you explore different regions in real life. In particular, parks and nature reserves will have the most variety of Pokemon. I imagine the same will apply to zoos as well.

Some changes have also been made to the battle system as well, with the CP and HP values being adjusted with each new patch to improve what Niantic feels will be the game's balance. HP values will be adjusted as well, especially for Pokemon with super high HP and those with super low HP. According to the post, the adjustment will "close the gap" between these different types of Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

The adjustments will also extend to defense and stamina. The idea is that Pokemon with really good defenses should be more difficult to defeat by outlasting opponents as opposed to turning the fights into a grind. Essentially it sounds like the battles will be closer to the way the games are on Nintendo's handheld systems or how they're depicted on the animated television show.

The team has plans to have all of these changes implemented soon for Pokemon Go players, along with other tweaks and balance changes so that the game feels more intense and satisfying.

I wonder if this is in response to the upcoming release of Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee for the Nintendo Switch? Perhaps Niantic is attempting to make the game maintain a certain synergy with the Switch releases given the cross-platform features that will be featured in both games? Anyway, if you've wanted better battle systems in Pokemon Go and more Pokemon to capture, you're going to get both of those things this fall.

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