Wreck-It Ralph Is Appearing In Fortnite

Disney's Wreck-It Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks The Internet is the latest big animated movie to hit theaters. But Ralph isn't just hitting theaters... he's hitting drive-in theaters in Epic Games' Fortnite. Yes, there appears to be another crossover character coming to the Battle Royale game from a popular Disney movie and it looks to be none other than Wreck-It Ralph.

Clips have been popping up all over the internet, one of which comes from Twitch streamer Mozzzyy, who was minding his own business, gathering up supplies such as ammo crates and traps while tearing through a house, only for the big strongman, Ralph, to come waltzing across the screen, waving, and then making an exit.

Now, for extra context here, Ralph isn't playable in Fortnite. You can't select him as a skin and dive into the game playing as Ralph, going around wrecking things and beating up people using a pick-axe, even though Ralph seems like a perfect fit for Epic's Battle Royale game.

According to multiple sources, it appears Ralph is limited (for now) to just appearing on the drive-in movie theater screen at Risky Reels, which makes perfect sense given that the movie is in theaters. Ralph will briefly appear if the drive-in theater screen is within full view of the player, and stay there for a few seconds. You'll briefly see Ralph pop up on the drive-in movie theater screen, wave, and then he'll dash off to the right.

There's nothing else that appears on the screen and, so far, there are no other elements that comprise of Ralph's appearance other than him popping up on the theater screen.

Speculation has arisen about the future plans of Ralph in Fortnite, with some assuming he'll become a playable character for a brief time. According to PC Gamer, there are rumors circulating that an event may soon arrive in the game that either centers around Ralph or allows him to become playable. This is also heightened by the fact that Epic's Fortnite has cameos in the Ralph Breaks The Internet, which lends further credence to the idea that Epic and Disney are on fairly solid terms.

This shouldn't be too surprising, either, given that both companies teamed up earlier in the year when Avengers: Infinity War hit theaters and the main villain, Thanos, appeared in the game and was playable for a short period of time. Thanos actor Josh Brolin wasn't all too thrilled to see the giant purple Titan dancing his butt off on the battlefield, but he found it amusing nonetheless.

If it's true that a mini-event is set to take place within the Battle Royale game, then it won't be long before you'll be seeing plenty of Ralph dancing across the battlefield and wrecking plenty of structures in Fortnite. For now you can check out the big friendly brute on the big-screen in Wreck-It Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks The Internet.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.