5 Reasons Ralph Breaks The Internet's Disney Princesses Need Their Own Movie

Walt Disney, Ralph Breaks the Internet

It was a brilliant idea to bring the Disney princesses together for Ralph Breaks the Internet, and Disney should not stop there. Some sequel and spinoff ideas seem forced, but in this case there's almost too much potential to know where to begin. (If only we had a body of water to stare into and sing about this dream.) There are so many angles Disney could cover with the princesses, and Ralph directors Rich Moore and Phil Johnston even said a spinoff film might be possible. Here are five reasons Disney should get a crack team of writers on this ASAP.

There's Clearly A Market For It

Disney isn't going to do anything if it won't make them money, and they have to know a Disney princess movie would make ALL the money. The second the news came out that the princesses would be uniting in the internet of Ralph Breaks the Internet -- voiced by the original Disney princess stars -- it was all fans could talk about. They steal their scenes in the movie, and I can tell you my audience loved it. These are the princesses we know and love, but modern, self-confident, self-aware versions for our internet age. Since the cinema landscape is currently obsessed with that perfect blend of old and new, nostalgic but fresh, this seems like a no-brainer.

Walt Disney, Ralph Breaks the Internet

They Could Basically Be Princess Avengers

Disney shouldn't let the MCU have all the fun when it comes to popular characters working together in a shared universe. They already opened the door for the princesses to know each other, so now give them more to do. Since they've all had their own individual movies, you can't really argue that there's not enough story for a group film. There are so many big, strong men they could save with their respective skill sets! We only got a short time with them in Ralph, but there's so much potential for side pairings and action scenes -- just like the Avengers.

Cinderella, Disney

There Are So Many Cool Villains They Could Face

As much as I love the Disney princesses, I LOVE Disney villains. A spinoff could easily put the villains center-stage and have the princesses be supporting characters. I'd love to see pair-ups like Snow White's evil queen with Cinderella's stepmother, and Maleficent and Jafar either bonding or out-snarking each other along with their respective bird sidekicks. ABC's Once Upon a Time had fun bringing different Disney heroes and villains together, but that was live-action and this would be the official animated versions on the big screen.

Walt Disney, Ralph Breaks the Internet

Or They Could Battle Each Other

Also like the Avengers, to be honest, if we're talking Captain America: Civil War. I'd love to see the princesses working together on the same side, but I could easily see them clashing over any number of things. Merida might just get sick of them not understanding her and snap. Instead of making it Princesses vs. Villains, maybe some of the princesses team up with villains, identifying with their points-of-view, and it launches conflicts. I don't necessarily mean action-scene fights -- although Ralph showed they could definitely hold their own -- it would just be refreshing to switch up the protagonist and antagonist roles from any given Disney movie. It's awesome when princesses work together, but humans with real personalities and opinions don't always agree. Let the ladies finally be real and human.

Walt Disney, Ralph Breaks the Internet

They Could Launch More Spinoffs For Disney+

A Disney princess movie could naturally lead to more spinoffs on the 2019 streaming service Disney+. For some of us, there can never be too much Disney princesses fun. Sure, there's already a Disney Channel, but I'm not talking about fun specifically aimed at little ones. Ralph had plenty of references that probably went over some kids' heads. Some of the sequels/spinoffs could be PG, like Ralph, or they could lean a little older with the edgy references and go for PG-13. I'm not suggesting R, although I'd be lying if I said I wasn't down for an R-rated badass Disney princess smackdown. Go full Logan. But I doubt Disney would ever be game for that.

What do you think? There are fair arguments for the opposite, that the Disney princesses shouldn't get their own movie after Ralph Breaks the Internet. That's not how I feel, but you can share your vote in the poll below. Meanwhile, Ralph is now in theaters and there's plenty more to look forward to on the big screen in the rest of 2018 and 2019.

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