Horror Icon John Carpenter Just Reviewed Fallout 76, And It Was Perfect

Fallout 76

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Bethesda was a little slow to pull the trigger on putting out review copies of Fallout 76, so most of the critics were reviewing the game along with actual gamers who picked up a copy after it released. One of the people who picked up a copy and reviewed the game was none other than horror icon John Carpenter.

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On November 23rd, John Carpenter posted his review on his Twitter account for everyone to see. It's not long, and he doesn't claw through the minutiae of the mechanics or the technical aspects, but he does offer Bethesda some harsh criticism and biting praise all within the span of Twitter's 255 character limit.

Calling the game a "glitchathon" seems like a nice way of pointing out the game's many glitches and bugs that were present during the launch. In fact, there are tons of videos popping up on YouTube right now featuring a compilation of glitches that have made for some good laughs and creepy circumstances from Fallout 76.

Some of these glitches range from NPCs floating around in the air while their geometry stretches across the sky, to enemies T-posing instead of fighting, resulting in them being unable to attack. Other enemies are seen getting stuck in trash cans and chasing players into buildings, only for them to get jammed at the door because the trash can can't fit through the door.

There are other glitches such as enemies that never die, players deforming as they get in and out of power armor, enemies jammed halfway under the ground, item counts that magically keep increasing in your inventory, or the fact that looking at the ground while running sometimes allow you to move faster than normal due to the way the frame-rate is buffered in Fallout 76.

However, despite all these bizarre glitches that have fueled a litany of videos and compilations on YouTube, master of horror John Carpenter still found himself having fun with the game, saying that even with the "hit & miss" missions he still digs it.

Now this doesn't mean that John Carpenter likes just any game. Keep in mind that he's a pretty hardcore gamer and he's occasionally talked about what games are good and what games he hates. For instance, he loved the first BioShock but was no fan at all of BioShock: Infinite.

John Carpenter's criticisms of Fallout 76 aren't isolated, though. A lot of gamers have shared similar sentiments to the director of the original Halloween and Escape From New York. Speaking of which, given that Carpenter was talking about video games, there were the typical fans flooding the mentions, begging Carpenter to work with an indie studio to turn some of his movie ideas into video games. I tend to doubt that's going to happen anytime soon.

However, if you were at least curious what John Carpenter thought about Bethesda's latest Fallout game, then you can read the tweet above to get an idea.

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