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The Strangest Nintendo Switch Deal On Cyber Monday

The Nintendo Switch.

You know what would go really well with a brand new Nintendo Switch? About $1,200 worth of diamonds. Thankfully, Helzberg Diamonds has you covered with a rather unexpected Cyber Monday deal.

Usually the holiday shopping season means you can find special bundles where you get a console and a free game. You might pick up a PlayStation 4, for instance, and snag a gratis copy of Marvel's Spider-Man. Or maybe you decided to get the kids and Xbox One at a certain store because it came with both Sea of Thieves and the latest Forza.

Helzberg Diamonds decided to kick things up a notch this year, though, deciding to bundle a whole damn game console with their own products. The standout is a free Nintendo Switch, which can be yours if you plan on spending $1,199 or more. All you have to do is head on over to the store's website, pick out a necklace, watch, ring or whatever, and use the code NINTENDO at checkout to have a Switch tossed into the mix at no additional charge. If you know someone who likes Zelda or Mario just as much as they like bling, well, consider Helzberg your one-stop shop for wish list purchases.

The Switch actually isn't the only piece of tech being bundled with Helzberg's Cyber Monday promotion. If you spend $599.99 or more and use the promotional code GOOGLE, you can also get a Google Home bundle that includes a main unit and a couple of Minis to place in other rooms of the house.

If you'd rather have a 40" Vizio TV, though, you can spend $699 and use the code CYBER to get exactly that. In other words, if you're willing to make a trio of transactions and spend about $2,500, you can end your Cyber Monday with some elegant jewelry and just about everything you need to spruce up your home's tech game.

Now that the Switch is a year and a half old, it's actually the perfect time to jump on the bandwagon if you haven't picked up one of Nintendo's latest consoles just yet. Oodles of major first party games are now available, as well as plenty of third-party hits and loads of indie darlings. Also, Smash Bros. launches in a couple of weeks with games like Metroid Prime 4 on the horizon, so the console definitely has plenty to offer in the months ahead. And I can't say enough about how great it is to be able to play the same machine either at home or on the go.

But if you decide to take Helzberg up on their Cyber Monday offer, you'll be able to put yourself into situations where people ask, "Wow, did you get that for Christmas?" and you can answer back with, "Are you talking about the Switch or the knuckles full of ice? Because yes to both."

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.