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The PS4 Spider-Man Has Added The Sam Raimi Suit, And It's Free

Tobey Maguire, mesmerized by his Spider-Man costume.

A highly-requested costume is now available in Marvel's Spider-Man, giving players a chance to fight crime and swing through the city while wearing the outfit made famous by the Sam Raimi films.

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The team at Insomniac Games took to Twitter today to announce a special present for folks still thwipping through the city in Marvel's Spider-Man. While the game is positively packed with Spider-Man costumes, one particular omission has not gone unnoticed. Since the game's launch, the community has been begging for the suit seen in the Sam Raimi Spider-Man films, which they can now enjoy free of charge.

As noted in the tweet, the costume is included with a fresh update for the game that goes live today. So the next time you drop into the virtual Big Apple, check your wardrobe and try on that new outfit Santa sent you.

As for the community's reaction, there are three types of responses in heavy circulation at the moment. The first comes from excited fans of the game who are super happy to finally be able to play in the Raimi suit. The second can best be described as "embarrassing memes of Tobey Maguire." Finally, there are folks commenting on the fact that the community was super aggressive about wanting the suit in the game and Insomniac has reached sainthood by not only putting up with that kind of behavior, but then offering the suit as a free gift this holiday season. As some commenters have noted, launching the suit as a free gift around the launching of the final DLC may have been Insomniac's plan all along, making their reception of the "feedback" even more impressive.

All told, this brings Marvel's Spider-Man suit count to around 30. The game has a suit that is Insomniac's own design, as well as outfits including the classic comic book look, the homemade suit from Homecoming, and plenty of suits from movies and alternate universes like two Iron Spider suits, Spider-Man Noir and even Spider-Man 2099. Each of the game's three DLC packs also included a trio of new suits, such as Spider-UK from "The Heist," Spider Armor Mk. I from "Turf Wars" and the suit that appeared in Into the Spider-Verse in the final DLC pack, "Silver Lining" which will hit tomorrow.

Spider-Man was already a big game, but the DLC chapters have turned it into an even beefier package over the past few months. While reviews seem to be so-so on the added narrative, it's hard to argue with more Spidey suits, more missions, new villain types and the like. It's likely well represented on plenty of holiday wish lists at this point, which certainly seems like a great way to swing into the New Year. And now that the Sam Raimi suit is included, everyone can party like that New Year is 2002.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.