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PUBG Mobile Has Added The Vikendi Map

PUBG Corporation continues to update and upgrade the content within PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds for all of the platforms it's currently available on. This includes adding even more content to the already jam-packed mobile version of the game. In the latest update, the highly anticipated Vikendi map has finally made its debut.

The minute-and-a-half long trailer welcomes players to Vikendi. It reminds me of a trailer for Just Cause. It was posted up over on the PUBG Mobile channel, featuring some high-impact shootouts and explosions with a variety of characters in wacky Christmas-themed costumes and holiday gear. The trailer actually gives an overview of the map's areas of interest in a very inventive way.

Instead of having a flyby camera scour the map from overhead with a voiceover talking about what the map features and what you can expect, we see a couple of characters on a snowmobile engaged in a shootout with a Christmas-themed Jeep as they ride across the snowy hilltops and through the cobblestone streets of the small villages to give gamers an idea of what they can expect from the map.

Usually map trailers are some of the least exciting trailers out there, but PUBG Corporation managed to find a way to make the map seem exciting and filled with a lot of cool moments to experience either in solo play or with a squad, just like many of the other maps in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

There are plenty of roads to travel across, enveloped by rocky hillsides and forested areas. There's an abandoned theme park of sorts with plenty of empty houses to use as sniping posts or areas in which you can ambush opponents. A maze garden in the center of the map also offers a great place to lose attackers who are chasing you, and the snowy lodges scattered throughout the map provide safe havens in which you can either take a breather for a little respite, or scour the area for some new weapons and gear.

The entire map is 6km x 6km, and it contains more than leisure areas for exploration and lots of rolling mounds for snipers. There's a neat rocket base that players can explore as well, along with having to deal with weather effects and visibility as snow begins to fall. It's a nice alternative to what Epic is offering during the holiday season with Fortnite.

The map has arrived for the mobile version of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds around the same time as the PC version getting updated. The Xbox One and PS4 versions have also been receiving regular updates, but there are extra certification steps that must be applied to ensure that the game is secure for everybody, so typically the console updates are a little slow to receive the latest PC and mobile updates.

In addition to the new map, there are also a handful of new outfits for players to wear both for the males and females, along with the new snowmobile vehicle, and new winter-themed skins for the weapons to help camouflage while you're trekking through the snowy mountains of Vikendi.

You can check out the new map and the new events for the third-person Battle Royale game right now by downloading the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds app.

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