Yes, Blue Toad Is Playable In New Super Mario Bros U. Deluxe

New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe
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A lot of gamers have been wondering who is playable in the re-release of Super Mario Bros U. Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch. The game is basically a remaster of a version that was a follow-up to the original Wii 3D side-scroller. One of the things that gamers recently discovered is that it's more than just a rehash of an existing game, there's also confirmation about who is playable in the game, too.

There's a Twitter Moments thread that was published on January 11th, 2019 that reveals that after gamers originally thought that the Blue Toad character had been cut from the game, it turns out that he's still around.

There are a variety of posts indicating that you can select Blue Toad from the character options menu, as depicted in the tweet from Journet, which shows a quick clip. Blue Toad can be selected by using the ZL or ZR buttons on the Joy-Con to scroll through the different outfits for Toad.

Now apparently you cannot double up on the characters. So if you want to play as a bunch of Toads, it means one person can play as the Yellow Toad or Blue Toad but you both can't play as Toad.

What this means is that if one person chooses Mario, one person chooses Luigi, and one person chooses Toad, someone else will have to either play Toadette or Nabbit.

So what's the issue with that? Well, as some of the users point out in the Twitter thread, it forces people to have to play as one of the "easy" characters. This was pointed out in a tweet showing the character selection menu where the Yellow Toad is blanked out after someone chose the Blue Toad.

So to break this down. As you can see in the character selection menu of New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, if everyone chooses a normal character, one person will have to be stuck with Nabbit or Toadette, both of whom do not have normal difficulty settings. You might notice in the image it shows that Toadette has "Easy" over her picture and Nabbit has "Very Easy" over his picture. This is because these characters have been designed for newcomers who may find the standard game too difficult.

So the developers designed it so that when you play as Toadette she can transform into Peachette with the Super Crown (which is what also spawned all that fanart of Bowsette), which only she can use. Toadette is then granted the ability to float and double jump, as well as automatically receive a boost up when falling into a pit. She receives additional time on the level timer, and slips less when traversing on ice. Nabbit has it even easier yet, with invincibility, scuttle jump, and an extra 100 seconds added to the timer.

So the issue is that when playing four-player mode, someone will get stuck playing as one of the easier characters in Nabbit or Toadette instead of being able to play as two different versions of Toad. It's a minor issue, but an issue nonetheless.

On the upside, at least Blue Toad is confirmed as playable in New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch. The game is available right now, exclusively for Nintendo's hybrid gaming console.

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