The Internet Has Already Dumped Bowsette For Indie-Rocker Rosalina

Internet love affairs are a fickle thing and oftentimes a cruel mistress of fate; they come and go like howls on the wind during a chilly winter's day. They don't usually last very long and whatever comes to replace what the internet was previously fascinated with is usually just as likely to fall victim to the same sort of juvenile abandonment for which the previous tryst became a victim. That little aphorism seems to ring true for the latest web-based infatuation that is Bowsette. The buxom species-swap from Bowser to a blonde-haired princess -- sporting a turtle shell on her back and a black dress -- took the gaming fandom by storm, for a spell. It wasn't too long after the fascination and fan-drawings of Bowsette began to wane did another character swoop in to unassumingly steal the spotlight, and it's none other than the indie-rocker rendition of Princess Rosalina.

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The image originally comes from the book The Art of Mario Odyssey. It was snapped and posted on the Nintendo sub-reddit, where the users fell in love with the image.

It depicts Rosalina as an indie-rocker with a black t-shirt, blue jeans, and a black belt with a rocker bracelet on. She's handling an acoustic guitar with a long black, cross-shaped earring.

There were a few fan-art drawings popping up on social media after the concept art popped up on Reddit.

There hasn't quite been a deluge of fan art taking over every timeline or trending in the same way that Bowsette did after the fan-made comic initially appeared following the latest Nintendo Direct, but there are some out there who liked what the concept art depicted and began giving their own interpretation of the character.

Twitter user and digital artist, Benbeau, shared a quick black and white drawing of indie-rocker Rosalina, sitting in her room on a bed with a guitar case in the background.

It looks a little bit like Rosalina depicted as Ellie from The Last of Us Part II.

Of course, most people in the original Reddit thread were asking how and where did this indie-rocker Rosalina fit into Super Mario Odyssey?

It's a good question, because all throughout the adventure it didn't seem like there was any place for her. The Switch exclusive only had one place where she might have been a perfect fit, Metro Kingdom. However, Mayor Pauline readily took the spotlight as the singing, dancing, crooning centerpiece of the stage that both highlighted the game's unique blend of 2D and 3D platforming as well as gave Mario an extra bit of motivation thanks to the theme song playing in the background.

Maybe if Nintendo decides to make a Super Mario Odyssey 2, they can have a Goth Kingdom where Mario can visit Rosalina and her indie rock band, who play a variation of the game's theme song.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.