Fighting games represent one of the most pure forms of gameplay, pitting two pugilists against one another with a set number of weapons in their arsenal. The player who can utilize that arsenal the best, wins. But while fighting games are still alive and kicking, there are a few series I wouldn't mind seeing make a triumphant return to the arena.

Bloody Roar
It's easy to see why I first got into the Bloody Roar series way back in the era of the original PlayStation. It's a fighting game in which the combatants can transform into animals mid-battle. Of course that's going to grab the attention of a teen who grew up surrounded by Street Fighter and Animorphs. A 3D fighter, Bloody Roar packed in all of the essentials, including a colorful cast of characters, memorable arenas, a silly story and a fighting engine that accommodated many styles. Some characters were fast and furious while others were slow and methodical. And did I mention that they had the ability to turn into a freaking animal midway through the fight, allowing you to dish out extra damage or unleash unique moves? If you ever wanted to pulverize a goofy iguana in a Hawaiian shirt as a high-jumping rabbit or combo-heavy tiger, this is the game for you. Bloody Roar got several sequels throughout its run, but I think it's been more than long enough to warrant a new gen reboot.

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