When Minecraft first released while I was in college in 2011, it caught on fast. I even played the Alpha version before it fully released and I was totally taken aback by the gameplay, namely because it was unlike anything I had ever played before. With all of the emphasis on making a game look pretty in today’s gaming industry, the rough Alpha version didn’t do that, but somehow the Minecraft community just ate it up. 

Years later, Minecraft has become a worldwide sensation with players of all ages letting their creative minds run free in a world with literally no boundaries. So here are some of the craziest and most detailed Minecraft creations that prove anything is possible in Minecraft

1. Los Angelcraft
It’s not uncommon to see Minecraft enthusiasts attempting to build major cities within the massive world of Minecraft, but one user, Fujiwara1990, decided to build the entire city of Los Angeles. While it’s not constructed exactly like the city, the inspired design is so close to the original, it’s creepy. Even the Santa Monica pier with its characteristic ferris wheel is visible in the above shot of the map. The creator said,
Every building is freely accessible and partly furnished. Every building, tree or road is build by me. I use black windows for the big black diamond styled skyscraper. For all buildings and roads I use clay, no flammable wool. This isn't a 100% copy of Los Angeles, I'm just inspired on it. But I think the atmosphere with long palms, high buildings and luxury houses is very near to the typical Los Angeles flair. (I never was in Los Angeles).

Seeing as how Fujiwara1990 has never even been to Los Angeles, it’s pretty impressive that he nailed the feel of the city, from the dry mountains to the sprawling beaches. 

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