Don’t deny it; everyone who has played The Sims has done it once or twice. That’s why The Sims exists, right? Either we’re living the life we really want to live or we are simulating a life we thought could never exist. Well, living vicariously through your Sims characters is nothing to be ashamed of and the best way to tell is to start with the basics.

1. A Regular Socialite
Video games are supposed to be a complete escape from the real world. And in a game like The Sims, it is so easy to escape into a whole other life. Quite literally. In your real life, you might not be the most social person. Maybe socializing makes you downright uncomfortable, but in the world of The Sims, you’re the talk of the town and everyone wants to be your friend. I know when I play, I go out to dance clubs and speak to as many people as possible. There’s no way I’d do that in real life. 

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