5 Ways To Tell If You're Living Vicariously Through Your Characters In The Sims

Don’t deny it; everyone who has played The Sims has done it once or twice. That’s why The Sims exists, right? Either we’re living the life we really want to live or we are simulating a life we thought could never exist. Well, living vicariously through your Sims characters is nothing to be ashamed of and the best way to tell is to start with the basics.



1. A Regular Socialite

Video games are supposed to be a complete escape from the real world. And in a game like The Sims, it is so easy to escape into a whole other life. Quite literally. In your real life, you might not be the most social person. Maybe socializing makes you downright uncomfortable, but in the world of The Sims, you’re the talk of the town and everyone wants to be your friend. I know when I play, I go out to dance clubs and speak to as many people as possible. There’s no way I’d do that in real life. 


2. Money

Money is something that bogs people down, especially when there is a very severe lack of it. But in The Sims, money is never a problem because of the nifty and notorious cheat every dedicated player ought to know (and if you don’t, shame on you. Go look it up). Need a few hundred thousand to buy a new house? All it takes is a couple of taps on your keyboard. Oh if only money in the real world were that easy to come by. It’s no surprise that most people in The Sims go all out and build mansions and decorate their house in unnecessary fountains and statues. 


3. The Perfect Love Life

This is probably the one I play The Sims for the most. For those who just can’t make love happen in the real world, you might find yourself creating the perfect wife husband (or girlfriend or boyfriend), down to the very characteristics of their personality, in The Sims. And suddenly, your virtual life becomes a fantasy filled with long and luxurious dates, the perfect proposal, a glorious wedding and kids on the way. It is so incredibly easy to get wrapped up in a Sims romance that you forget it’s not real. 


4. The Dream Job

In certain versions of The Sims, you can have quite a selection of jobs. In one of The Sims games, one of the jobs you could work towards was a Paranormal Investigator. In other games, it’s more simple like a Journalist or a Chef. And if you’re successful enough, maybe you’ll grow famous in your small Sims town and everyone will want to be you. And if that’s the case, who really wants to go back to the real world, right? If you love living vicariously through your Sim, you certainly won’t be leaving anytime soon. 


5. Kids

Sometimes, things don’t always work out in the real world when it comes to wanting kids. But in The Sims, it’s as easy as directing your Sims to a hot and heavy WooHoo session and suddenly you find yourself with child. It’s also easy in The Sims to control how many kids you have. For example, if you just want three kids, no more and no less, it’s easy. Just don’t woohoo or click “try for a baby.” While there is an 8 person max in each Sim family, that won’t stop the daddy from fathering babies from other baby mommas. Someone in a forum said they got their young adult male to father 24 babies before he became an adult. If that’s what you’re after, more power to you. But this could be another sign that you’re totally obsessed with living your life in The Sims