6 Hilariously Naughty Moments From The Deadpool Video Game

This past weekend, Deadpool blew away previous box office records for pulling in $300 million worldwide. What made the results so surprising is people weren’t sure how a raunchy, R-Rated movie would do during its opening weekend. Needless to say, the people love Deadpool. And while he’s a rival to one of my favorite X-Men characters, I’ve developed quite a soft spot for the lovable little douchebag. So here’s six naughty moments pulled from the Deadpool video game.

1. Deadpool Bitch Slaps Wolverine

This is, by far, one of the most unforgettable moments from the Deadpool video game. And of course, since Wolverine has been one of my favorite X-Men since I was a little kid, this scene is just outrageously hilarious. It plays on the tumultuous past that Wade Wilson and Logan have—and I love every second of it. The video is a recording of real gameplay, so the player is controlling Deadpool as he bitch slaps the crap out of Wolverine. And the player can stop at any time. Only those who are truly serious keep going until Deadpool runs out of things to say.

2. Deadpool Takes A Dump

The game opens with Deadpool in his grungy apartment as the player is welcomed to sniff around and interact with objects like the computer. And if you’re lucky enough to wander into the bathroom, you can witness Deadpool trying his damndest to squeeze out a poop. And yes, you as the player get to witness all of it. There are other things to do in his apartment as well, so you don’t want to be so quick to open the door when someone starts ringing the doorbell.

3. Deadpool Blows Up A Sex Doll

Deadpool is notorious for being a dirty pervert, but that’s what everyone loves about him, right? I even thought Ryan Reynold’s version of Deadpool wasn’t dirty enough. But in this scene, Deadpool stumbles across a deflated sex doll, so he goes on to pump it up to its rightful form. Of course Deadpool would have a sex doll randomly lying around in his apartment.

4. Deadpool Really Loves Boobs

At one point during the game, Deadpool comes across a “fangirl” standing outside holding a sign that expresses love for Deadpool. The best part about this fangirl, and something Deadpool notices right away, is that she has some serious under-boob going on, meaning the bottom of her boobs are slipping under her bikini top. Deadpool takes a moment to frame the seemingly scene of perfection. Oh to be a pervert with no boundaries.

5. Deadpool Sucks Rogue’s Face

In order to save Rogue’s life, Deadpool has to make skin-to-skin contact with Rogue. So, he decides on kissing her to allow her to soak up his healing abilities. Of course, what happens is horribly awkward and so like Deadpool. Somehow, Deadpool’s conscience ends up inside Rogue, and she feels herself up, including boobs. Of course, the moment Deadpool gets access to a pair of boobs of his own, he’s all over them.

6. Deadpool Sizes Up The Competition

In this moment, Deadpool walks up in between two guys in a public bathroom. After carefully checking out their packages, he turns around to face the camera, making a gesture with his hand to indicate the guys’ penises are small. Leave it to Deadpool to comment on another man’s genitalia with no shame.

After viewing these six unforgettable moments in Deadpool, I think it’s safe to say Ryan Reynolds has some wiggle room on the raunchiness meter. While he played a semi-normal anti-hero who had his eyes set on his one and only Vanessa, in the game Deadpool was a split-personality lunatic who loved on any pair of boobs and had no boundaries. Needless to say, Deadpool is probably one of our favorite raunchy Marvel anti-heroes.