Colossus Is In Deadpool More Than We Thought

We already know that while Ryan Reynolds' Wade Wilson will headline 2016’s Deadpool, he will be far from the only Marvel character to appear in the affair. In the recent trailer for the film, we got a notably brief glimpse of popular X-Man Colossus (Andre Tricoteux) as he will look in the film. Now it seems that the film itself will flesh the character out more than we had previously realized.

During the a Q&A session at the recent Amazing Hawaii Comic-Con, Deadpool’s creator Rob Liefeld discussed the upcoming – and long-awaited – Deadpool and how Colossus factors into the film.

You guys have seen a glimpse of him in the trailer; at San Diego in Hall H, they showed a little bit more of Colossus...You are going to love Colossus in Deadpool. He's in it a good amount; he doesn't just walk through the movie.

In summation this seems to indicate that the metallic Russian behemoth will factor into the overall narrative of the film – rather than exist as a mere cameo to titillate X-Men fans. The Merc with the Mouth’s creator raved about Colossus’ appearance in the film – as many have – not just for his prominence, but also for the painstaking fidelity that the film has maintained towards his aesthetic appearance. Liefleld also told the eager fans that while Deadpool is very much a distillation of the core traits of its titular character, they should not expect a direct adaptation of any specific storylines because Deadpool and Colossus do not have a rich history of stories together to draw from.

Previously portrayed by Daniel Cudmore, Colossus has appeared in varying capacities throughout various installments of the X-Men franchise but mostly to play the part of team muscle – and never contributing much to narrative of the films. Based on what we have heard so far, Deadpool will be the first Fox produced Marvel film in which his presence and actions have a significant impact on the overall plot of the film. Thus far, all we have seen from him is a quick shot in the official trailer, while those who attended San Diego Comic-Con – or saw the leaked footage online – know that Deadpool has some humorously vulgar quips to make about Colossus.

It’s reassuring news to hear; many comic book adaptations have been plagued by trailers and set photos that reveal far too much prior to the film’s release; up until this point – at least based on the content of the trailers – many had become concerned that the majority of the film would take place on a bridge. To know that we are still in the dark about so much regarding Deadpool creates a sense of pleasant impatience. Deadpool will hit theaters February 12, 2016.

Conner Schwerdtfeger

Originally from Connecticut, Conner grew up in San Diego and graduated from Chapman University in 2014. He now lives in Los Angeles working in and around the entertainment industry and can mostly be found binging horror movies and chugging coffee.